Vera Wang: The VIP at Identities 2010

by Lingbo Li

Along with lanky, barefoot models, see-through dresses, and black lipstick, fashion show Identities, the campus group that celebrates Asian American arts and fashion, had a VIP guest in attendance for its annual show on April 17 at Harvard's Annenberg Hall. Sitting in the front row was fashion legend Vera Wang. There with husband and daughter in tow, she sported impossibly tall, slender-heeled ankle boots and her trademark long, straight hair.

After a student design showcase opened the show, Wang took the stage to accept her Leadership in the Arts award from show producer's Phillip Zhang '12 and Nara Lee '11. In her speech, she recounted her own path to success - from her long stint at Vogue, then to Ralph Lauren - and dealing with a father that originally discouraged her dream of becoming a designer. Then she discovered her design niche in bridal design trying to find a gown for her own wedding.

The rest of the show featured clothing from local Boston boutiques and designers, set to upbeat mixes of contemporary music. The crowd was similarly upbeat - the Asian American Brotherhood got up and cheered whenever one of their own made his way down the runway.

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