Trust your instincts and "Sleep No More"

by Scott Lozier

I attended a workshop with Felix Barrett in November. Barrett directed the wildly popular "Sleep No More" at the A.R.T. In my first video, Barett talked about space, and in this episode he talks about working with the actors to achieve what he calls "an instinctual response," or nudging actors to "trust their instincts." "Sleep No More" isn't a typical acting gig: Actors are set loose in a space where the audience is onstage too. Actors make the audience part of the experience. Pretty frightening stuff if you have no idea what to expect. But that's where he wants actors and the audience.
Keep your eyes peeled for something you are interested in and make sure your senses are in tune. - Felix Barrett
[] "Sleep No More" has been extended thru Feb. 7, 2010.