Testimony: Nancy Selvage makes the world more beautiful

by Ceramics

Nancy Selvage, longtime and beloved director of the Harvard Ceramics program -- and an established artist in her own right -- recently retired. Her friends, family, colleagues and many, many students gathered at the New College Theatre to thank her and to celebrate her gifts as a teacher, artist and friend. Below are two testimonies from those who deeply know and appreciate the work and beauty she has inspired in more than 30 years firing not just pots but imaginations. Photos by Teresa Lattanzio. [http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649] By guest blogger and undergraduate Caroline LoweI first met Nancy my freshman year when I was given the opportunity to run Clay All Night. I met with her to discuss logistics and she was wonderfully helpful to wide-eyed little me. Throughout my year of interactions with Nancy, she came across as a wonderfully knowledgeable and fun person. I would see her artwork on posters or in the studio and marvel. It was great to go to Nancy's celebration and see all of the people who also had the chance to experience her awesomeness. Nancy's influence extended all the way from the top of the OFA and dean of the college, to me, a sophomore door opener. Actually there were a few younger kids there, too. Apparently Nancy got to them really early. I can only imagine what Nancy will accomplish in the future.By guest blogger and Harvard graduate David TischfieldNancy's retirement celebration was a momentous occasion attended by dozens upon dozens of friends, family members and co-workers, whom Nancy has impacted in some form or another over the last three decades. As someone who will always be indebted to Nancy for the help and support she has given me throughout my time at Harvard, I sensed the same air of gratitude and happiness emanating from various speakers whether Cathy McCormick or Dean Evelynn Hammonds. No doubt, the Harvard Ceramics Program and the greater Harvard community have benefited tremendously from Nancy's tireless efforts.