Sleep No More (no spoilers)

by Scott Lozier

Imagine being sucked into the movie "The Shining".

Sleep No More is like this. It's a movie that YOU are IN. Inside and interacting. And you are the camera moving through space. You control the story.

I felt like a 2 year old: everything is new and scary. I was freaked out of my skin several times. I'm sure I freaked others too. It's dark and completely unexpected. Nothing is the same.

How many people did it take to design and build this set/world? The visuals and decorations are stunning. One scene made me reach for my camera - but they told me I couldn't take pictures. The lighting is part Kiss concert and part "The Shining" meets "Barry Lyndon".

A lot of it reminded me of a Stanley Kubrick film. You've been sucked into that movie where you wander around the hotel (in this case school).

The soundtrack is from a horror film. It's everywhere. It lead me. It's sweet scratchy records made me feel uneasy.

After one visit I'm not ready to explain it. It is pure experience. Like a 2 year old I'll have to do it again to understand it. My mind just isn't smart enough for this.

Sure I understand Macbeth (it is my favorite Shakeseare play). But I don't understand SNM. And I don't know I ever will.

Go see it so I can talk about it with you. Redrum! Redrum!

[Caption: This is You on the inside.]