A Show and Sale Tale

by Ceramics

Twice a year, the OFA Ceramics Program undergoes a major, if not magical, transformation. Wheels and clay barrels are pushed aside to make room for pedestals and lights. Shelving units once inundated with bisqued-ware are converted to gallery space, allowing glazed masterpieces to shine. Wreaths and wintery décor are hung for the holidays, or fresh flowers cut and bright colors adorned for the spring. It’s another Show and Sale, and the festive atmosphere is catching.

Walking throughout the studio during a Show and Sale, it’s easy to be both inspired and envious. Intricate teapots with animated spouts and colorful glazing can spark an idea for your own work, or simply instill a thought: "I have to have it." Thankfully, the diverse pool of work by Harvard students, artists and professionals from greater Boston, as well as international artists, allows buyers of all means to walk away with art in hand, whether it’s a simple mug with a generous handle or a raku fired, ceramic mural.

This upcoming Holiday Show and Sale, you’ll be sure to find families and art connoisseurs alike roaming throughout the studio, carefully inspecting ceramic work in awe or quickly snatching up their favorites. The winter’s blustery snows may pile up outside, but in the studio, warmth and community are there amongst rows of handcrafted art. Watch the stop-motion video below for a taste of last year’s Holiday Show and Sale.