Rooting for the ADF team (and the Red Sox)

by Stephanie Troisi

I grew up loving sports. There’s nothing for me quite like cheering on the home team and watching players I’ve come to know and like make great plays. I feel, in a way, they’re part of my family.

Over the past five years, I’ve been lucky enough to add another team to root for: the Artist Development Fellows. As program associate and administrator of the program, I have had the privilege to support burgeoning artists as they hone their craft and explore who they are as artists.

Whether it’s working with them on application proposals, attending a production/concert they’re part of or seeing their work in an exhibit, the simple act of being there to congratulate, encourage and validate what they do is as exciting to me as was screaming out loud for Keith Foulke as he recorded the last out for the Red Sox in the 2004 World Series.

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[Caption: Top R-L: photo by photographer Abby Sun '13; memoirist Stephanie Newman '13; animation by visual artist Brooke Griffin ’14. Center L-R: writer JR Thornton ’14; violinist Keir GoGwilt '13; work by visual artist Daniel Bredar ’14. Bottom L-R: composer/musician Zachary Sheets '13; play by director Daniel Giles ’13; marionette worked by Georgina Parfitt '13]