Picked from the sidewalk

by Ceramics

The OFA Ceramics Program recently facilitated the work of international visiting artist, Alberto Frigo, during his time working with the Graduate School of Design. Frigo’s ongoing project, Tiles of the things picked from the side-walk, is part of a 36-year project meant to depict the life and surroundings of an individual from 2004 to 2040, namely from his 24th to his 60th year of age. Items are collected and then collaged before being scanned into a two-dimensional image by the artist. These items represent the artist’s travel across North America, Europe, Arabia and Asia.As part of his research, Frigo consulted with assistant to the director and program Kathy King to transfer a selection of collaged images onto ceramic tiles. The archival medium of ceramics greatly contrasted with the ephemeral nature of the very things picked from the side-walk to produce a new way of experiencing the work. The process involved using laser-printed, water-slide decals to transfer the artist’s scans onto the ceramic tile. It was then kiln fired to 1945 degrees F which resulted in a permanent application of the artist’s image. Unlike commercial ceramic printing, each image remains individual and unique. Frigo states, "The resulting design is a meaningful archive of our contemporary societies, an archive that can be read and interpret over and over, a design that has elements of reality, that has been exposed to time and that evokes the imagination of the viewer." [http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=107931]