Performance Art: Andrea Fraser's 'Boxed Set'

by Nayeli Rodriguez

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to take everything you've ever known about art or museums and turn it upside down, check out what Andrea Fraser's "Boxed Set" videos are doing to these institutions on the first floor of the Carpenter Center.There, appropriation and performance artist Fraser has installed perhaps her five best-known works created between 1989 and 2001: Museum Highlights, May I Help You?, Welcome to the Wadsworth, Inaugural Speech and Official Welcome. In these videos Fraser takes on the roles of gallerist, docent, award recipient and guest speaker to question the role and relevance of hierarchy and jargon in the contemporary art world. Her videos, which seamlessly mesh together material appropriated from newspaper clippings, annual reports and the like are cutting and insightful parodies of contemporary art institutions, puncturing viewers' respect for the stylized and highly artificial structure of the art world today.Andrea Fraser's "Boxed Set" will be on view in the Carpenter Center until April 4, 2010. []