Over the River: Ceramics Program Holiday Show and Sale

by Minji Kim

After the trek across the river to the Ceramics Show and Sale, I was anxious to get inside and admire all the finished pieces of my studio co-inhabitants, not to mention escape the 20-degree winds. The entrance to the ceramics studio, modestly but cheerily decorated with intertwining wreaths and blue and white lights, greeted me as I scuffled through the door along with other visitors.

Even though I had arrived at the latter part of the show, there was still a huge crowd inside. At the entrance, members of staff offered refreshments and "one free cup per family" (I myself snag an endearing white and gold teacup). The potters and sculptors, wearing classy white nametags, talked animatedly with visitors as they examined potential purchases.

From my Friday clay classes as a recent convert this semester, I am by now very familiar with the studio, but it was unrecognizable as a gleaming gallery space. Not a speck of clay dust was in sight. Covered shelves and white pedestals display a huge variety of works by sixty artists, ranging from bowls to jewelry to piggy banks to anthropomorphic fish and little porcelain houses. Another gallery further tucked inside served as a haven for large-scale sculptures.

The show is quite impressive and definitely worth leaving your room and braving the December cold (You’ve probably locked yourself in there for too long anyway). Whether you want to spend $8 or $800, there’s something for everyone. You’ll leave the studio sporting that perfect mug or two and a real glow of satisfaction. Take a break from studying and get something for yourself, that special someone, or your family and friends before everyone else does!

The 40th annual Show and Sale continues December 11-13, 10 am – 7pm.

[Caption: The main gallery space was full of people.]

[Caption: Even ceramic foods were on sale.]