Making studying more artistic during Reading Period

by Lingbo Li

Reading period is here, which means endless papers, rumpled coursepacks, and coffee-stained textbooks as you frantically try to osmosis-ize a semester's worth of learning into a (cruelly) shortened week. Never fear, the OFA is here to try to inject a bit of art - and levity - into your studying.

If Lamont is slowly making you lose your mind, try Algiers (40 Brattle St., 617-492-1557) for possibly one of the most charming study spaces in Harvard Square. Old maps, line drawings, tapestries, and pots make up the decor of the circular second floor, and warm yellow and red-hued walls envelope your reading with a touch of warmth. The service is absolutely terrible at times, but that works to your advantage, since you want to be ignored anyways.

Over at Berryline (3 Arrow St., 617-868-3500), free wireless is paired with local art and, of course, plenty of tangy, fat-free fro yo. Try to bring a jacket, however - the light by the windows is nice, but December temperatures may put a chill on your concentration.

So there might not be art on the walls, but artistic souls will surely appreciate Karma Tea (1132 Mass Ave., 617-547-9642), attached to Karma Yoga on Mass Ave. The space is entirely open and light filled, with ceiling-to-floor windows, comfy chairs, and chilled-out soundtrack. Best of all, it's usually pretty deserted (it's usually used by off-duty yogis), has free wi-fi, and has some pretty cool eats. Last time I checked, they had vegan box meals along with their tempting blends of teas.

Whoever said studying had to be boring?