Le Whif: Chocolate without the calories (music added)

by Lingbo Li


A new foodstuff has been making its way around town, but you don't chew and it has no calories. Impossible? Le Whif, a new form of inhalable chocolate, doesn't think so - it's been offering samples to students, setting up giant displays, and causing a bit of a stir.

So who's behind it, and what's this about some crazy-cool "datamatics" concert to go along with it?

It's all part of the brainchild of David Edwards, a professor at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, who's launching "The Laboratory" - "a new platform for student idea experimentation in the arts and sciences." What does that mean? It's a three year project in Northwest Science Building (52 Oxford St.) that will be showcasing student works and idea development in the arts and sciences, particularly when one meets the other. Their launch event, going from 5-10:30pm Nov. 8 on 52 Oxford St., ticketed at Harvard Box Office, includes samples of Le Whif along with a digital music performance by Ryoji Ikeda.

Check out more about Le Whif on their Facebook page and more about The Laboratory and their YouTube page.