by Alicia Anstead

Kriti Lodha's production of PROOF, which has one more showing tonight at the Ex in the Loeb, is an intimate version of David Auburn's 2000 family drama about Catherine, a mathematician's daughter who struggles to make the numbers of her life add up after her genius but looped-out professor-father dies. She may see ghosts, have a short temper and like kissing math geeks, but Catherine also knows that nearly the only meaningful way to use the word "beautiful" is when it occurs as an adjective for "math." If that's a confusing thought, then probably you will have no idea what the math in this play is about either, except when it comes to the rates of change -- or calculus -- of the heart. Which is all you need to know. PROOF might be called a triple threat: It won a Tony, a Pulitzer and scored a movie version. Lodha first saw it when she was 12 and was "unable to understand its many complexities, yet fully able to appreciate its utter simplicity." Now she's hoping audiences will share her view of the play's elegance.

Tickets are sold out for the last showing tonight, Saturday Oct. 17, but go at 7 p.m. anyway. The show starts at 7:30, and usually a few seats are available just before the door closes.