How about a little opera with your life?

by Sarah Burack

One of my roommates will listen to one song on repeat when she’s writing a paper. My musical habits while studying are a little more varied; I tend to favor music I either can’t sing along to, like jazz or funk, or can’t understand. Opera, as it happens, is a little of both; I have no idea what they’re singing, and, while it’s hardly instrumental, I lack the oxygen intake necessary to sing along. Thus, with my thesis deadline just over two weeks away (not that I’m counting), there have been quite a few arias in my life lately.

I’m hardly complaining, though, because I find opera beautiful. So beautiful, even, that it’s one of the few activities I’ll leave my room for in the midst of this impending thesis crisis. Such was the case when a friend approached me to go with her to "A Night at the Opera," an event featuring Italian food (a nice touch, given that HUDS was serving up an imaginative combination of mussels, beef and fettuccine) and arias and art songs performed by the impressively talented singers of the Lowell House Opera.

Here's a sample of their performance, but if you're looking for a way to leave all the work behind, consider attending the full-scale Lowell House Opera presentation of "Tosca" through March 6th.

Link to Harvard Gazettes Story on Tosca