The Holiday "Show and Sale" -- all 32 years.

by Ceramics

By contributing writer Shawn Panepinto, acting program director of ceramicsAs I began the thinking process that, by necessity, starts months before December, it occurred to me that this year’s ceramics' program Holiday Show and Sale will be my 32nd. This means that I have been overseeing this event for 32 years -- which, including the spring show, equals 64 Show and Sales! While much has changed in three decades, what remains the same is the excitement of the preparation and the gratification that comes with seeing the truly amazing variety and superior quality of the pieces created by the artists in our program. These artist consists of Harvard students, Harvard employees and the general public. A week prior to the Show and Sale, participants work hard to transform the bustling, creative ceramic studio into a gallery space. Wheels pushed aside, wedging tables moved into inconspicuous corners, surfaces draped with fabric, stands and pedestals set up, lighting strategically placed for maximum effect: all to make room for the fantastic products are created here. There is something for everyone: Stephanie Young’s comical fishes hang from one wall, along with Harvard alumnus, Chris Adams’ natured inspired sculptures and Margaret Angelo’s carefully crafted animals. Animated teapots seem to dance on the shelves, and Sarah de Besche’s functional ware with leaf patterns "deck the halls." It never fails that when I’m ready to open the doors on Thursday’s opening night, the line is out the door and around the corner of the building.It is rewarding for me to see how each of the artist’s’ work has evolved over time, and to see how it is perceived by the public. Since 1987, I have seen thousands flock to 219 Western Ave., hoping to find that treasured bargain or one of a kind masterpiece, and I know that those who attend this year’s Show and Sale will leave with something special to keep or to share with others.Join us for our 2010 Holiday Show and Sale, December 9 - 12th. Click here for more information.Click here to see past Show and Sale invitation designs spanning over the last 30 years. []

[Caption: Chris Adams' works are inspired by nature. ]