The Glass Menagerie: Little shards of family life

by Alicia Anstead

Megan O'Keefe '11 first read "The Glass Menagerie" when she was in high school back in Danvers, Mass. She wasn't a theater junkie then, but the Freshman Arts Program at Harvard turned her in to one. After three years with HRDC, the English concentrator has done nearly every theater job on campus (including historian for the HRDC board). Last year, O'Keefe performed in a show in part to learn more about directing, and with "Glass" -- running Feb. 19-27 in the Ex -- she makes her directorial debut at Harvard. "It's always good to pay attention to a director," she says, "but I was also paying attention to how the director was talking to me." O'Keefe aseembled her "dream team" of creative artists to work with her on the show and then cut them loose with the text. As a result, she says, the production is "an almost interactive sculptural piece." Here, O'Keefe talks about her interest in Tennessee Williams' classic play and what she thinks contemporary audiences can learn from a work written in the 1940s. []