Garden variety Dada

by Tom Lee

Ever since artist Ruth Bauer took over a first-floor gallery in the Adams House Art Space early this fall, things have looked (to quote Lewis Carroll) "curiouser and curiouser."

A man's head sculpted in plaster—with what seems to be a doorknob attached to one eye—is wedged into a woman's high-heeled shoe. A dozen or more x-rays are strung on a clothesline. A length of cloth, printed with flower-like symbols as if it's a film-strip, runs through an old-fashioned clothes wringer. Throughout the space, glued or suspended from surfaces, are objects that look like leftovers from an Addams Family yard sale.

Could it be...Dada?

It is indeed: Bauer, co-creator of the American Repertory Theater's production The Blue Flower, is collaborating with students to create a Dada-esque environment for the Loeb Drama Center's lobby that will evoke the play's spirit and aesthetic. And with the opening just weeks away, more students are welcome to participate in the art-making: no experience is necessary, all skill levels are welcome, and a willingness to turn the art world on its ear is definitely encouraged.

For more information, contact Thomas Lee (, 617.495.8676 or Ruth Bauer (, 978.578.7021.