A fresh(man) face behind HUTV

by Lingbo Li


Behind every student organization are a few really, really industrious students. Daniel Garber '13 is the hit-the-ground-running type of freshman who came into Harvard University TV (HUTV) with a few ideas and a desire to up his editing chops.

Garber currently works on shows On Harvard Time (OHT), a fake news show, and Dynamic Cut, a short film and music video production society. All of HUTV's shows benefited in November from one of the largest UC grants in recent history for an arts group - nearly $12,000. $9,000 is being put towards video equipment, while the rest will cover the year's operating costs.

The channel, distributed online, currently lists over a dozen options on its shows page, ranging from soapy (Ivory Tower) to serious (HUTV News). OHT was founded by Derek Flanzraich in 2007 as something akin to The Daily Show, full of timely, comedic interviews, spoofs, and sketches. Garber edits much of OHT's footage.

Since the group received its grant, Garber reports that the main changes have been repaired cameras and more, higher quality tapes. As OHT's Deputy Editing Manager, Garber spends hours reviewing footage and whittling it down into the pithiest five-minute episode that he can muster. ("It's really time consuming and under appreciated," he says. "But it really gives you a great degree of creative control.") Founded in 2007 by senior Derek Flanzraich, the show has taken off in part thanks to the power of social media - Flanzraich cites Facebook ads as a core strategy of On Harvard Time's marketing campaign. A comedic Karl Rove interview garnered over 37,000 views, while their spoof of a Harvard admissions video has racked up about 26,000.

In addition to his main OHT duties, Garber is Co-Executive Producer for Dynamic Cut, which has put out a music video for "Bat Boy: The Musical". On top of that, he's releasing a webseries ("Beats") this year about second semester high school seniors in a journalism class.

Garber admits he's a bit disconnected from HUTV as a larger organization, and is more concerned with his own shows and his managerial tasks. (Plus the occasional midterm.) But appreciates how HUTV gives him a chance to make film shine: "It's sort of a meta art," he muses, noting that film incorporates design, acting, music, and writing. "Not to say that other arts aren't important," he adds.

[Caption: On Harvard Time]