Expressions: "What starts clean ... must turn dirty."

by Lingbo Li

Hip hop may not be everyone's first love, but it often ends up in the music lineup for good reason. Waltzes are beautiful, but I'll admit it, there's nothing quite like a 'pop, lock, and drop' done to infuriatingly danceable beats. The Expressions Dance Company put on an entertaining Saturday show (I saw the 3pm) which included eerily apt parodies of Shakira's SheWolf music video dance moves, tummy rubbing included. In another sequence, a languid pile of bodies emerged like a blooming flower into another high energy sequence.

Along with Expressions pieces were performances by adorable elementary school students in Citystep and a contemporary-meets-breaking segment by the Harvard Breakers.

However, my absolute favorite portion of the show was the (supposedly) spontaneous dance off. After rousing and technically difficult performances by each contestant, two of the contestants suddenly broke out in a perfectly synchronized hip hop routine.

Pinch me. Is this a movie?