Do It Yourself: Go to the ICA!

by Nayeli Rodriguez

The Institute of Contemporary Art has made a serious habit of putting on accessible, timely exhibitions over at its swanky waterfront building, and the latest show of work by Mexican artist Damián Ortega is no exception. Ortega's sculpture installations, photographs, and short films offer something for everyone and you don't have to be a contemporary art buff to enjoy them. And if you go on Thursday nights, you don't even have to pay.

"Do It Yourself" is the title of Ortega's exhibition and while this name refers to the artist's tendency to destroy or reconfigure his materials (be they tortillas or Volkswagen Beetles) it may as well also refer to the ease at which even the most casual art lover can find his or her footing in Ortega's work. I went to the show last week, and my favorite piece in had to be Ortega's series "120" days which features a table of over one hundred warped and re-designed glass coca cola bottles:

See? No art history master's required: everyone Coke.

Go check out "120 Days" and Ortega's other work which is all really interesting and displayed in a layout that's both manageable and engaging. The ICA is super easy to get to via the T's silver line. And it's free for everyone after 5 on Thursdays.