Big Dawg: Donal Logue '88 talks about "Terriers"

by Simon de Carvalho '14

As a freshman, I haven’t had the time to watch any TV (and even if I did, I have no TV), so when I heard that the stars of FX’s new show Terriers would be at Lowell House to do a screening and a Q&A session, I was not about to miss it.

Donal Logue ’88 stars in the new show with Michael Raymond-James, playing ex-cop and ex-con duo Hank Dolworth and Britt Pollack, and the series follows the partners’ crime-solving escapades as private investigators in San Diego, California. The show, as the free t-shirt I got says, airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

The episode we saw was the story of the two leads on the hunt to find a stolen ring. It featured some clever twists, some laugh-out-loud lines and some emotionally poignant moments.

During the Q&A, the two discussed their careers and, of course, the new series, which they see as an attempt to make a TV show "for the people who don’t watch TV shows." Donal spoke about his time at Harvard, where he was a member of the Undergraduate Council and acted in "thirty-something plays." The obvious passion he has for acting and for the arts in general was tangible in the room, and it was very evident as he spoke of his time at Harvard that he honestly enjoyed every minute of it, and maybe enjoyed even more the opportunity to speak to us.

[Caption: Logue and Raymond-James in JCR. PHOTO: Minji Kim]

[Caption: "Terriers" promo bus in front of Lowell House. PHOTO: Minji Kim]