Backstage at "Death and the King's Horseman"

by Katherine Agard

Onstage, the HRDC production of Wole Soyinka's "Death and the King's Horseman" paints a sombre picture of life in colonial Nigeria. Backstage at the Loeb Ex is another story. Tonight is the last time to see "Death and the King's Horseman." You can see the show from the audience. Here's what it looks like backstage!

[Caption: Alejandra Martinez, a dancer, eats candy that the stage manager has promised aren’t poisoned.]

[Caption: Allen Macleod, who plays Simon, here tightens his belt for the camera.]

[Caption: Taylor Cressler and Madison Coveno dance while waiting to hear the director's notes.]

[Caption: Tatiana du Bose-Butler, who plays a young girl in the play, fixes her headcloth.]

[Caption: Stage manger Sally Castillo helps warm up Yi Jun Tan.]

[Caption: The women watch as their lead, Yi Jun Tan, teaches his "son," played by Samuel Rashba, to fight.]

[Caption: Homework: ever present while waiting to get makeup done.]

[Caption: An imprompu dance rehearsal.]