The Art of the Chairs

by Katherine Agard

Most days of the week, I walk past Lehman Hall thinking the usual Harvard thoughts. You know: paper, problem set, why is the weather so strange today?

On Friday I walked past Lehman Hall, and I thought "What is that man doing on that chair?"

This is the Chairs Revue. As part of the Common Spaces Chairs Project, the Revue is meant to bring together all the people who otherwise walk disconnectedly through Harvard Yard.

Who are the performers? They wouldn’t tell me. What did they say was: "We’ll definitely be doing this again!" and "Quick! Let’s pose for these pictures like we actually go to school here!" Cue fake blood, fake strangling, huge smiles and still-motion tango.

The series continues until October 15th with performances from the Cliffe Notes, Expressions, Harvard Modern Dance Company, scenes from Action by Sam Shepard and readings by A.R.T Institute first year students.

[Caption: This is Aaron - head of the contortionist party. ]

[Caption: This is Brendan - head of the anti-gravity party.]

[Caption: Conspiracy Tango. They asked to have many pictures taken. ]

[Caption: This adorable girl was the "head" commenter shouting: "You are so good! Go go!" Unintentional highlight.]

[Caption: And this is Atrocia. He is a vampire. ]

[Caption: He sits so you can stand (and get up and dance!)]