The Art of Basketball: Go Crimson! Go Harvard Band!

by Victoria Aschheim

Tommy Amaker, Harvard men's basketball coach, said "concentration, composure, and confidence" contributed to Harvard's historic victory against Princeton on the basketball court Saturday, March 5. Mark Olson, assistant director of bands at Harvard, described the value of the spirit the Harvard University Band summons:

Besides providing spirited music before the game and at half time, the Harvard University Band influences the energy of the fans and the team. Often when our team causes a couple of turnovers or score a series of unanswered points, the opposing team gets shook and calls a time out. It is in these moments the band helps generate energy and excitement that keeps the fans on their feet and rattles the opposing team as well as encourages our players.

Olson notes that Coach Amaker, from the very beginning of his coaching at Harvard, wanted the Harvard University Band to play at games. Watch the dynamism of Harvard's winning team combined with the energy and resolve provided by the Harvard University Band (at 1:51), together with the avid encouragement of the fans in the bleachers! Today at 4 p.m. at Yale, Harvard faces Princeton in the Ivy League Playoff. Warmest Crimson wishes to the team for an artfully-played game!