Andrea Fraser: Wouldn't it be nice to live like an art object?

by Alicia Anstead

On March 24, artist Andrea Fraser stepped out of the video world of her work to talk with English professor Marjorie Garber and curator at ICA Boston Helen Molesworth about "Andrea Fraser: Boxed Set," a video installation series running through April 4 at Harvard's Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.
In the course of the conversation, Fraser talked about her complicated relationship with the worlds of art and commerce. Much of her work is a critique of museums, institutions and received information. She sometimes dresses up as other characters and mingles with museum crowds performing information that topples conventional museum behavior.Our slide show recounts the evening, which attracted an overflow crowd that thinks deeply and probingly about art. (TO SEE CAPTIONS, USE EXPAND SCREEN ARROWS AND CLICK "SHOW INFO.".) []

[Caption: Andrea Fraser "Projection"]