Adolphus Busch Hall: A Collection of Art and Inspiration

by Sheema Golbaba

Cast in the character of a majestic medieval hall, Adolphus Busch Hall is not an ordinary edifice - even for Harvard's standards of infrastructure and museums. It does not take long for a spectator to become consumed by the illustrious architectural style, intricate statuary and dazzling assortment of Germanic plaster casts.

What is more, AdolphusBusch Hall not only provides for individuals a lens through which to observe stunning art, but also fuels artistically curious students to pursue a life in the arts. In the 1890s, it was the dream of Kuno Francke, a Harvard German Lit professor. Now it's a treasure of the university. Here is a short film where Minji Kim ’11 – an Art History concentrator – discusses her favorite piece in the museum and connects the work’s featured to her passion for medieval art.