Adaptive Radiation: Recent Work by Christopher Adams

by Ceramics


Christopher Adams' spacious (but overflowing!) studio space at the Ceramics Program is inhabited by a collection of rare goldfish and cacti in addition to the enormous amount of ceramic work covering the walls and tables. When asked about his sculptures he says, "they are all members of an arbitrarily designed family of creatures, each with the same number of appendages attached in the same order on the same basic internal framework, each having evolved to fill a particular niche -- in this case, ones that are purely aesthetic."

A resident artist at the Office for the Arts Ceramics Program, Christopher has been a regular at the studio for many years. Known for being completely fearless in both the construction and glazing of his wildly biological pieces, he is also instantly recognized by something he himself once said; "if you see 100 of something, I probably did it."

After graduating magna cum laude from Harvard College in organismic and evolutionary biology, he moved on to Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Christopher just finished a three-year residency in dermatology at Stony Brook Hospital and is now back in Boston, happy to get back into the swing of creatively making things. (photo cred: Teresa Lattanzio)