5 for 5: ARTS FIRST Picks

by Sarah Burack

Now that I'm sitting here, bright-green ARTS FIRST Guide in hand, I'm struck by just how much there is to do over the course of one weekend (Thursday April 29-Sunday May 2). It can feel a little daunting. Since college students love shortcuts -- cliff's notes, study guides, you name it -- we here at the OFA selected some of our favorite picks for ARTS FIRST weekend. Feel free to check out our recommendations, or pick up a Guide (distributed throughout campus) and tell us your "top 5."

Scott Lozier, Media and Technology, Office for the Arts

Wind Up Lab presents: The Untitled Project. Varied times and locations, see Guide for details. Calla Videt has a vision. Don't ask; Just show up.

Harvard Student Art Show. Friday, April 30th. Noon - 8:30 at the New College Theater. A window to student art.

Into the Woods. Thursday April 29 - Sunday May 2, Loeb Drama Center. Christine Bendorf (Baker's Wife) is fabulous.

Goodbye Horses. Saturday, May 1, 4:30pm, Cambridge Queen's Head Pub. Avant Garde musical multimedia expérience. ARTS FIRST is the time to experience the new.

Clint Miller. Saturday, May 1, 4pm, Holden Chapel. Authentic and amazing. Clint is a bluegrass singer, songwriter and performer.

Teil Silverstein, Project Manager, ARTS FIRST

A Conversation with Catherine Lord ’70. Thursday, April 29, 5pm, New College Theater.

Harvard College Key Change. Friday, April 30, 2pm, Holyoke Outdoor Stage.

The Angels of AnyTown. Saturday, May 1, 12:30pm, Radcliffe Sunken Garden.

In Conversation-- Indian classical carnatic music. Saturday, May 1, 4pm, Science Center.

Film Study Center Audiovideo Festival. Sunday, May 2, 12-6pm, Carpenter Center.

Matt Weinberg, Associate Project Manager, ARTS FIRST

Dan Masterson '12 performs original pop music on piano. Saturday, May 1, 1pm, Phillips Brooks House. He's Harvard's reigning King of Pop!

20th century Saxophone Quartets. Saturday, May 1, 1:30pm, Memorial Church. 4 saxes in Memorial Church! I booked it, and I still can't believe it!

"My Bloody Madeleine" a Mockumentary by Maxwell Newman-Plotnick '11. Saturday, May 1, 2pm, Carpenter Center. I hear that it's HILARIOUS, as only Proust-spoofs can be.

Harvard Magic Society. Saturday, May 1, 3:30pm, Science Center C. Whatever you do, don't look under the table!

"Workers of the World, Harmonize!" Saturday, May 1, 4:30pm, Dudley House Dining Hall. Wear red!

Anna Resnick '09, Performance Fair Coordinator, ARTS FIRST

Who We Are: The Freshman-produced Arts Collaborative Experience Showcase. Thursday, April 29, 8-10pm, Boylston Hall. Because freshman are awesome.

Into the Woods. Thursday April 29 - Sunday May 2, Loeb Drama Center. Because it's a fairy tale for adults.

24 Hour Play Festival. Sunday, May 2, 8:30pm and 10pm, Adams House Kronauer Space. Because it'll be hilarious and really impressive.

Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert and Sullivan Players present "The Pirates of Penzance." Saturday, May 1, 1:30 pm, Dudley House. Pirates. Enough said.

Harvard Moves. Sunday, May 2, 10am-6on, Harvard Dance Center. Free dance classes!!!

Sarah Burack '10 (yours truly), ARTS FIRST Guide and Publicity Coordinator

ARTS FIRST Band Fest. Sunday, May 2, 12-6pm, Holyoke Center Stage. Music-- of all types-- makes May Fair even better. Start the afternoon off with bluegrass and original rock, stay until you've heard some of Chas Gillespie's witty, wry folk.

The Dance Paths: Why be a Wallflower? Thursday April 29 - Sunday May 2, Science Center paths. Liven up a walk you talk almost every day, and learn some new dance steps simultaneously.

Senior Thesis Show, Department of Visual and Environmental Studies. Opening reception on Friday, April 30, 5:30-6:30pm, Carpenter Center. Celebrate the artistic capstone projects of our VES seniors. What kind of visual statement would you make in a year?

Animation Projection. Saturday, May 1, 8-10pm, exterior of Widener Library. It's already one of the largest and most impressive libraries in the world. Now watch it become a film screen.

Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. Sunday, May 2, 2 and 3pm, Lowell House courtyard. Chances are you've heard the famous 1812 Overture before, just not with cannons, bells, and kazoos on the lawn in Lowell House.

And there's more, so so much more, from the Latin Jazz Explosion to the improv comedy of On Thin Ice. No way we are going to just five! Now, what are your picks for the weekend?