40 Years in 40 Days: Week 5

by Ceramics

6 days Countdown: The Ceramics Program is turning 40 this year and we will be celebrating our anniversary during the Spring Show and Sale. During the opening reception on May 6th, we want to acknowledge our rich 40 year history in a 40 day countdown. This is our last post highlighting some of our fondest memories and moments, all leading up to a celebratory video to be launched during our Show and Sale. So buckle up – we’re flying down memory lane and passing 40 years in 40 days!This year, the studio is celebrating its 40th year with the Ceramics Program 40th Anniversary Benefit Invitational, which will be on exhibit during the upcoming Spring Show and Sale (May 6 - 9). The show will highlight the work of former instructors, visiting artists, lecturers, studio artists and artists-in-residence. The slideshow below shows actual work that will be sold. [http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649] Participants include: Trish Adams, Bruce Barry, Regis Brodie, Sheilagh Flynn, Wayne Fuerst, Ann Gabhart, Terry Hass, Linda Huey, Walter Keeler,Kristen Kieffer, Kathy King, Washington Ledesma, Yary Livan, Heidi Loewen, Emma Luna, Warren Mather, Denny McLaughlin,Judy Motzkin, Hannah Niswonger, Matt Nolen, Richard Notkin, Shawn Panepinto, Liz Quackenbush, Jeanee Redmond, Mary E. Roettger, Patty Rosenblatt, Tim Rowan, Lucy Scanlon, Ellen Schon, Nancy Selvage, Sandy Shaw, Gay Smith, Forrest Snyder,Chris Staley, Miranda Thomas, Jack Troy, Lana Wilson, Bruce Winn, Makoto Yabe, Jose Yamunaque, Stephanie YoungSales from the work will assist in providing funding for both our programs and tuition awards so that deserving artists can continue to learn, work and challenge themselves.