2400 Fahrenheit: Green Fire Premiere

by Ceramics

The new wood kiln, Green Fire, has proved to be even more efficient then we originally anticipated! The first three firings have produced otherworldly effects: whether they are ash glazed; green gloss, yellow melt, red flash, and blue-gray matte or raku; oil slick rainbows, crackly whites, deep charcoal. Don't know what all that means? It means BEAUTIFUL. Not only that, but the stoking crew, in charge of keeping the fire alive, has been enjoying gourmet dinners out of the built-in wood-fire pizza oven.In fact, with the kiln reaching temperature, a whopping 2400F, in only 7 hours, we've added another firing this weekend! It will be an intense, 10 hour firing, starting on Sunday morning and kiln builder extraordinaire, Kusakabe, will meet with participants and curious bystanders to discuss the transformations that have occured with their work. Can't wait to see what comes out of the kiln next! Can you?Find out more

[Caption: Finished Work]

[Caption: Kusakabe at Work]

[Caption: Out of the Ashes]

[Caption: Looking Inside the Kiln while being loaded]