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Busch Hall

1:00-1:20 PM
Violoncelles Quatres

Works and arrangements for cello quartet.
Performers: Audrey Chen '18, Brian Zhao '19, Nathan Le '21, John Lee '17

1:30-1:50 PM
Brattle Street Chamber Players

Classical and contemporary music for string ensemble
Group: Brattle Street Chamber Players

2:00-2:20 PM
Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra

French Baroque chamber music
Group: Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra

2:30-2:50 PM
Harvard Chinese Music Ensemble

Traditional and contemporary Chinese music
Group: Harvard Chinese Music Ensemble

3:00-3:20 PM
Traditional Carnatic Music

Gayathri Ganesh HMS '18 & Akshay Swaminathan '19
Performers: Gayathri Ganesh HMS '18 & Akshay Swaminathan '19

3:30-3:50 PM
Shalen De Silva HSPH '18 & Heather Viola HSPH '18

Acoustic covers of folk, blues, indie and rock songs
Performers: Shalen De Silva HSPH '18 & Heather Viola HSPH '18

4:00-4:30 PM

Vocal jazz harmonies
Group: VoxJazz
Performers: Eden Girma '18, Jacques Berguig '18, Fraser Weist '18, Sydney Mukasa '18, Nora Sagal '18

4:30-4:50 PM

East Asian pop a cappella

Dudley House

1:00-1:20 PM
Sight Unseen: Synergies in Music & Film

Disparate musical and film elements combine to form an unlikely harmony in this immersive, multimedia experience. Grounded in themes of non-verbal communication, this performance shows how art can cross cultural and linguistic barriers.
Performers: Skye R. Regan '18

1:20-1:40 PM
Object Permanence

Music, film and poetry by Ashley Gong '20, Carissa Chen '21, Xilin Zhou '20, David Xiang '20, Katherine Liu '21, Kyra Mo, Adriana De La Torre
Performers: Ashley Gong '20, Carissa Chen '21, Xilin Zhou '20

1:40-2:20 PM

Digital sound generation by Max Lesser '19 and Austin Weber '19
Performers: Max Lesser '19 and Austin Weber '19

2:30-2:50 PM
The Divinity Sessions

New songs for piano and voice by Ben Freeman HDS '20
Performers: Ben Freeman HDS '20

3:00-3:20 PM
Speak Out Loud

Original spoken word poetry
Group: Speak Out Loud

3:20-3:40 PM
Samantha Neville '19 & Ming Li Wu '21

Original poetry
Performers: Samantha Neville '19 & Ming Li Wu '21

3:40-4:00 PM
Michael Reid '18

Original poetry
Performers: Michael Reid '18

4:00-4:20 PM
Hyperion Shakespeare Scene Recital

Selections from spring repertoire
Group: Hyperion Shakespeare Company

4:30-4:50 PM
The Swan Song

Chekhov play performed by Ece Hakim '21 & Duha Alfatlawi '21
Performers: Ece Hakim '21 and Duha Alfatlawi '21

Harvard Art Museums

1:00-1:20 PM
Courtyard Saxophone Trio

Melodic improvisation by Ryan Park-Chan '18, Jonah Philion '18, Max Lesser '19
Performers: Ryan Park-Chan '18, Jonah Philion '18, Max Lesser '19

1:30-1:50 PM
Amir Siraj '21

Classical solo piano by a Steinway Young Artist 
Performers: Amir Siraj '21

2:00-3:50 PM
Music 189: Chamber Music Performance Students of the Parker Quartet

Excerpts of works by Fauré, Shostakovich, Schubert, Eychenne, Grieg, Brahms, Smtana, Moszkowski, and Dvořák:

Gabriel Fauré: Piano Quartet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 15: Allegro molto moderato
Cecilia Yao '18, Sofia Tong '20, Brian Zhao '19, Amir Siraj '21

Bedrich Smetana: Piano Trio in G minor, JB 1:64, Op. 15: Finale. Presto
Brandon Duffy '20, Memie Osuga '20, George Hu '20

Edvard Grieg: String Quartet No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 27: Romanze. Andantino
NaYoung Yang '18, Julia Riew '21, Jackson Whang '18, Grant Riew '19

Marc Eychenne: Cantilene Et Danse for Violin, Alto Saxophone and Piano
Jeffrey Liu '20, Michael Xie '20, Evelyn Mo '20

Dmitri Shostakovich: Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor, Op. 67: II. Allegro con brio
Alexis Ross '20, Michael Won '20, Isaac Sebenius '20

Franz Schubert: String Quintet in C major, D. 956, Op. posth. 163: Allegretto
Andrew Lee '21, Jonathan Chu '21, William Lundell '21, Ethan Cobb '21, Nathaniel Steele '21

Johannes Brahms: Trio for Clarinet (Viola), Cello and Piano in A minor, Op. 114: Allegro
Samuel Zacharia '21, Lev Mamuya '18, Andrew H. Kim '18

Moritz Moszkowski: Suite for Two Violins and Piano, Op. 71: Lento Assai, Molto Vivace
Wentong Zhang '18, Diana Wang '20, Harrison Li '18

Franz Schubert: Piano Quintet in A major, D. 667 “Trout": Allegro ma non troppo
May Wang '20, Faith Pak '19, Jeanna Qiu '20, Frederick Metzger '18, Sydney Mukasa '18

Antonín Dvořák: Piano Quintet No. 2 in A major, Op. 81: Allegro, ma non tanto
August Chen '20, Sabrina Chern '20, Amy Zhou '21, Matthew Ybarra '20, Jacquelyn Ho '20

4:00-4:50 PM
Jeremiah Blacklow '19 & Noah Krauss Julliard '19

Brahms Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano, Bartók Sonata No. 2 for Violin and Piano
Performers: Jeremiah Blacklow '19 & Noah Krauss Julliard '19

Holden Chapel

1:00-1:20 PM
PHILTH HAUS art collective

Music and performance art. Not appropriate for children.
Group: PHILTH HAUS art collective
Performers: Andra Chowdry '19, Claire Dickson '19, Max Lesser '19, Luca Ferrara NEC '18

1:30-1:50 PM
Matthew Shaw '20 & Evan Vietorisz '20

Original compositions and jazz standards
Performers: Matthew Shaw '20 & Evan Vietorisz '20

2:00-2:20 PM
Evan Vietorisz Quartet

Original compositions and jazz standards
Performers: Evan Vietorisz '20, Arlo Sims '21, Miranda Agnew '21, Mario Fabrizio NEC '18

2:30-2:50 PM
Numbers in Motion

Compositions and improvisations in jazz and creative music
Performers: Jacob Lurye '18, Ryan Park-Chan '18, Jonah Philion '18, Aditya Raguram '18

3:00-3:20 PM
Eat Your Feelings

Original fusion of jazz, funk and hip hop
Group: Eat Your Feelings
Performers: Claire Dickson '19, Gabe Fox-Peck ‘19

3:30-3:50 PM
Guitar Heroes

Original music for solo and ensemble guitars
Performers: Abraham Joyner-Meyers ‘21, Arlo Sims '21

4:00-4:20 PM
Claire Dickson '19

Original jazz and creative music
Performers: Claire Dickson '19, Aditya Raguram '18, Miranda Agnew '21, Noam Tanzer (Berklee College of Music), Eden Girma '18, Gabe Fox-Peck '19

4:30-4:50 PM
Melissa Ferrick HGSE '19

Original indie rock songs
Group: Melissa Ferrick HSGE '19 

Memorial Church

1:00-1:20 PM
Harvard Choral Fellows

Classical choral works
Group: Harvard Choral Fellows

1:30-1:50 PM
Avanti Nagral '20

Original pop-soul music
Performers: Avanti Nagral '20

2:00-2:20 PM
The Longwood Chorus: Harmony in Healthcare

Choral standards by HMS and HSPH students
Group: The Longwood Chorus

2:30-2:50 PM
Harvard College Opera: Holocaust Remembrance

This April marks the 75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the largest Jewish revolt during the Third Reich. Although the revolt ended in tragedy, it represents a strong united effort to resist oppression through bravery. In honor of this occasion, Harvard College Opera will be presenting a Holocaust Remembrance Recital, featuring texts by Holocaust poets and music by Holocaust composers, including Karel Švenk, Adolf Strauss, Carlo Sigmund Taube, Giedeon Klein, and Hirsch Glick.
Group: Harvard College Opera

3:00-3:20 PM
On Dreams and Desires: American Opera Arias

A selection of arias from American operas including, Douglas Moore's The Ballad of Baby Doe, Carlisle Floyd's Susannah, André Previn's A Streetcar Named Desire, and Samuel Barber's Vanessa.
Performers: Asia Stewart '18

3:30-3:50 PM
Mendelssohn's Songs Without Words

Selections performed by Alan Yang '18
Performers: Alan Yang '18

4:00-4:20 PM
Natalie Hodges '19

Bach and tango for solo violin
Performers: Natalie Hodges '19

4:30-4:50 PM
César Franck's Sonata in A Major for Violin and Piano

Emily Brother '19 and Bobae Johnson '21
Performers: Emily Brother '19 and Bobae Johnson '21

Paine Hall

1:00-1:20 PM
Harvard Composers Association

New original compositions by Eunice Lee '19, Benjamin Wenzelberg '21, Jeongmin Lee '19, Michael Cheng '19
Group: Harvard Composers Association
Performers: Eunice Lee '19, Benjamin Wenzelberg '21, Jeongmin Lee '19, Michael Cheng '19

1:30-1:50 PM
Mozart Society Orchestra

Selections from spring repertoire
Group: Mozart Society Orchestra

2:00-2:20 PM
Harvard-Radcliffe Chamber Players

Samuel Barber's Canzone for Flute and Piano, Johan Halvorsen's Passacaglia in G minor on a Theme by George Frideric Handel, Tango
Performers: Elias Miller '16, Jessica Shand '21, Nathaniel Steele '21, Nayoung Yang '18, guest artists from OIJCBA

2:20-3:00 PM
Bach Society Orchestra

Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 (Pastorale)
Group: Bach Society Orchestra

3:00-3:50 PM
Harvard Piano Society

Two-piano and four-hands duets across musical traditions and time periods
Group: Harvard Piano Society

4:00-4:20 PM
Martine Thomas '18/NEC '19

Classical and contemporary viola music
Performers: Martine Thomas '18/NEC '19

4:30-4:50 PM
Duo 404

Compositions by Michael van der Aa performed by Sasha Yacub '20 and Forrest Eimold (Phillips Academy '18)
Group: Duo 404
Performers: Sasha Yacub '20 and Forrest Eimold (Phillips Academy '18)


1:00-1:20 PM
Popera Trio

Singing by Jenny Baker '21, Nivi Ravi '21, Jeremy Stepansky '21
Performers: Jenny Baker '21, Nivi Ravi '21, Jeremy Stepansky '21

1:30-1:50 PM
Stephanie Johnson '18 & Nick Pham '18

Acoustic covers for piano and guitar
Performers: Stephanie Johnson '18 & Nick Pham '18

2:00-2:20 PM
Noteables Show Choir

Musical theater and cinema songs
Group: Noteables Show Choir

2:30-2:50 PM
Benjamin Grimm '18

Songs from Harnick and Bock's She Loves Me
Performers: Benjamin Grimm '18

3:00-3:20 PM
Friends Singing Musical Theatre

Selections from Carousel, Into the Woods, Dear Evan Hansen, Spring Awakening and more

3:30-3:50 PM
A Gilbert & Sullivan Sampler

Selections from the beloved Gilbert & Sullivan canon
Group: Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert & Sullivan Players

4:00-4:20 PM
Collegium Underground

A cappella songs of hope, love and forgiveness
Group: Collegium Underground

4:20-4:40 PM
Under Construction

Eclectic a cappella
Group: Under Construction

4:40-5:00 PM
The Alien Adventure

Original children's play by the Harvard Story-Time Players
Group: Harvard Story-Time Players

Plaza Tent

1:00-1:20 PM
Harvard College Latin Band

A varity of traditional Latin American music
Group: Harvard College Latin Band

1:30-1:50 PM

Contemporary a cappella
Group: Lowkeys

2:00-2:20 PM

Music, dance and puppetry by HGSE student artists, celebrating the transformations in thought experienced during the Arts in Education program at HGSE.
Group: Metamorphoses

2:20-2:40 PM

Contemporary a cappella
Group: Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones

2:40-3:00 PM

Join in dance activities and creative games!
Group: CityStep

3:00-4:50 PM

Asian American Dance Troupe, Candela Latin Dance Troupe, Crimson Dance Team, Expressions Dance Company, Harvard Aikikai, Harvard Ballet Company, Harvard Capoeira Club, Harvard College Bhangra, Harvard Deepam, Harvard Hellenic Society Greek Dance, Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company, Harvard Raftaar, Harvard Tae Kwon Do Demo Team, Nusantara Kreasindo, Omo Naija, Passus: Harvard College Step Team
More information here.

Queen's Head

1:00-1:20 PM

This Boston-based EDM band presents original works from their new album.
Group: Telelectrix
Performers: Olea Nickitina GSAS International Relations; Steven Borek, Kate Lindsay

1:30-1:50 PM
Triple Threat

Pop and R&B songs by Stacy Jo '21, Ashley Cooper '21, Joy Nesbitt '21
Performers: Stacy Jo '21, Ashley Cooper '21, Joy Nesbitt '21

2:00-2:20 PM
Harvard College Stand-Up Society

Group: Harvard College Stand-Up Society

2:30-2:50 PM
Three Letter Acronym

Improv comedy
Group: Three Letter Acronym

3:00-3:20 PM
Luke Martinez '19

Original pop music
Performers: Luke Martinez '19

3:30-3:50 PM
DJ Lowqual & DJ Saskia

Techno/house sets by Ilana Harris '18 and Luke Martinez '19. Drag and dance encouraged.
Performers: Ilana Harris '18 and Luke Martinez '19

4:00-4:20 PM
Harvard Hip Hop

Original Brazilian, jazz and soul-infused hip hop
Group: Harvard Hip Hop

4:30-4:50 PM
Black Julian 2

Original hip hop by Tef Poe, Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellow
Performers: Tef Poe


1:00-1:20 PM

Unconventional percussion by The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers (THUD).

1:30-1:50 PM
Harvard Wind Ensemble

Classical and modern arrangements for wind band
Group: Harvard Wind Ensemble

2:00-2:20 PM
Harvard Pops Orchestra

Classical music and well-loved film scores
Group: Harvard Pops Orchestra

2:30-2:50 PM
River Charles Ensemble

Selections from spring repertoire
Group: River Charles Ensemble

3:00-3:20 PM
Du Bois Orchestrra

Original tone-poem by oboist Sachiko Murata and selections from Schumann's Symphony No. 3
Group: Du Bois Orchestra

3:30-3:50 PM
Harvard University Band

Selected traditional Harvard fight songs
Group: Harvard University Band

Yard Stage

1:00-1:20 PM
GSAS VoiceLab

Contemporary a cappella
Group: GSAS VoiceLab

1:20-1:40 PM

Contemporary a cappella
Group: Opportunes

1:40-2:00 PM

Contemporary a cappella
Group: Callbacks

2:00-2:20 PM
Glee Club Lite

Contemporary a cappella
Group: Glee Club Lite

2:20-2:40 PM
Cliffe Notes

Contemporary a cappella
Group: Cliffe Notes

2:40-3:00 PM
Harvard Magicians' Society 

Close-up magic performed by Harvard undergraduates
Group: Harvard Magicians' Society

3:00-3:20 PM
Fallen Angels

Contemporary a cappella
Group: Fallen Angels

3:20-3:40 PM
Radcliffe Pitches

Contemporary a cappella
Group: Radcliffe Pitches

3:40-4:00 PM
Din & Tonics

A cappella jazz standards and not-so-standards
Group: Din & Tonics

4:00-4:20 PM

A cappella arrangements from the Great American Songbook and beyond
Group: Krokodiloes

4:20-4:40 PM
Harvard Juggling Society

JEST (Juggling Enthusiasts doing Stupid Tricks): Feats of solo and group juggling
Group: Harvard Juggling Society

4:40-5:00 PM
Beatbox Crew Showcase

A showcase of beatbox performance, including tag team battles, crew showcase, and freestyle
Group: Harvard Beatbox Crew
Performers: Suproteem Sarkar '19, Hurlink Vongsachang '20, Sabrina Wu '20, Christine Jou '20, Landon Ferda '19