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Adolphus Busch Hall

1:00-1:20 PM
Violoncelles Trois

Works and transcriptions for three cellos.
Performers: Audrey Chen '18, John Lee '17, Brian Zhao '19

1:30-1:50 PM
The Harvard Fallen Angels

All-female, contemporary a cappella.
Group: The Harvard Fallen Angels

2:00-2:50 PM

A funny, tender one-woman play, written and performed by Dr. Nancy Rappaport, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, about her journey of healing from breast cancer and finding comfort in an unusual place: Mount Auburn Cemetery, a Cambridge landmark that offers consolation, while inspiring contemplation on mortality. 
Performers: Dr. Nancy Rappaport, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

3:00-3:20 PM
Harvard Organ Society Recital

An organ recital presented by members of the Harvard Organ Society.
Group: Harvard Organ Society

3:30-3:50 PM
'Cliffe Notes A Cappella Performance

'Cliffe Notes generally performs pop arrangements, especially '90s throwbacks!
Group: 'Cliffe Notes

4:00-4:20 PM
Under Construction Christian A Cappella Performance

An a cappella performance featuring a variety of songs in different genres, both Christian and non-Christian, in line with the message we share of hope, love and forgiveness.
Group: Under Construction

4:30-4:50 PM
Harvard KeyChange

KeyChange is the premiere forum for co-ed Black a capella expression on Harvard College's campus. Current musical repertoire includes R&B, hip-hop, neo-soul, and Motown and is consistently growing.
Group: Harvard KeyChange

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Dudley House Courtyard (Rain location: Dudley House Dining Room)

1:00-1:20 PM
Mermaids, Magic, and Messes: The Adventures of Norbert the Pirate

The Harvard Story Time Players, a student organization at Harvard College that performs original student-written theater for children in Boston area hospitals, presents this short play that follows the hilarious adventures of Pirate Norbert and his first mate, the turkey Marko, who learn a valuable lesson about the importance of protecting the environment when they unwittingly fall afoul of Bubbles the mermaid and the dread sea witch Winnie.
Group: The Harvard Story Time Players

1:30-1:50 and 3:00-3:50 PM
Stories for Orphans

Listen to original children's stories written, illustrated and presented by Harvard students.

2:00-2:20 PM
Harvard Magicians' Society Showcase

Close up magic performed by Harvard undergraduate students.
Group: Harvard Magicians' Society
Performers: Harry Newman-Plotnick '18, Robert Dorfman '20, Sung Ahn '20

2:30-2:50 PM
Sunken Garden Children's Theater

Fun and original adaptation of a classic fairy tale for kids. Includes singing, dancing and lots of laughing. Fun for the whole family, especially young children.

4:00-4:15 PM
At Home, on a Sunday Afternoon (In Dudley House Dining Room)

Original Multi-Sensory Performance Piece Examining the Dissonance of Normality. Not appropriate for children.
Performers: Sylvia Brodbeck '17 HGSE, Stewart Brown

4:15-4:50 PM
The Actor and the Audience: Video Games and the Art of Avatars (In Dudley House Dining Room)

Come find out how the art of controlling a video game character can make you see yourself differently. Aaron Suduiko '17 discusses one of the most distinctive artistic features of video games: the relationship between the player of a video game and the avatar, the character within the game that the player controls.

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Harvard Art Museums

1-2:30 PM
New Grooves: Original Music Inspired by Visual Art 

Site-specific original compositions by student composers 

1:00-1:15    Brandon Snyder '18
1:15-1:25    Max Lesser '19
1:25-1:40    Carlos Snaider '17
1:40-1:50    Eden Girma '18
1:50-2:00    Sam Wu '17
2:00-2:10    Aditya Raguram '18
2:10-2:20    Jonah Philion '18

Artist statements from composers:
Brandon Snyder ‘18
Title of work: wisps, nearly non existent among stars eyes walking closed
"wisps,..." takes inspiration from a piece by Martine Thomas which involves a performer leaving their belongings behind, going outside, closing their eyes and walking forward. In that work, I felt a surreal detachment from my world, as I floated in a black, otherworldly, visual vacuum. Simultaneously, the sonic, my guiding sense, took a hyper-defined presence, as it was no longer a peripheral sense, but one for primary navigation. Having composed for the Calderwood Courtyard once before in 2015, I feel the music of "wisps,..." traveling through the full vertical expanse of the space, especially the sensation of being whisked, higher and higher upward, swirling in a cloud above the audience, towards the upper levels of the museum. 

Carlos Snaider ‘17
Like a cupola or atrium, the Calderwood Courtyard of the Harvard Art Museums directs the eyes upwards into the spaces high above. Tables, pillars, and bodies below, a mobile and ceilings above, the courtyard forms a totality, inviting visitors to participate in it through their movement, sounds, and ideas. My composition speaks to this totality, featuring a sound that is at once expansive and multidirectional, allowing a multiplicity of approaches from both musicians and listeners.  

Eden Girma ‘18
I dedicate this piece to all who have died unarmed and prematurely at the hands of the State. How do we rise up from a pain that seems to envelop the everyday? In the midst of state-sanctioned violence against black and brown people in particular, how does one keep hold of hope and faith in the self and other human beings? Envision, for a moment, a future where we are all strong; we are all bright; we are all flying freely.

Jonah Philion ‘18
The unpredictability of the future makes the present so exciting. Randomness gives every interaction the potential to be better than expected. Although completely composed in advance, the notes, melodies, and rhythms for my piece are chosen from smooth random variable distributions. This makes the resulting composition predictably unpredictable.

2:30-4:30 PM
Music 189 Chamber Ensembles Performance: Students of the Parker Quartet

Excerpts of works by Beethoven, Sinding, Ravel, Nielsen, Brahms and Dvořák.
Full list of ensembles and works:

String Quartet in F major - Maurice Ravel
IV. Vif et agité
Natalie Hodges ’19, violin; Cecilia Yao ’18, violin; Faith Pak ’19, viola; Kartik Papatla ’18, cello

Piano Trio No. 2 in C major, Op. 87 - Johannes Brahms
I. Allegro
Emma Frucht ’17, violin; Sasha Scolnik-Brower ’17, cello; Alex Beyer ’17, piano

Piano Quintet No. 2 in A major, Op. 81, B. 155 - Antonín Dvořák
I. Allegro, ma non tanto 
Brandon Duffy ’20, violin; Diana Wang ’20, violin; Jennifer Mao ’20, viola; Spencer Kim ’20, cello; George Hu ’20, piano

Clarinet Trio in A minor, Op. 114 - Johannes Brahms
I. Allegro
Erica Chang ’19, clarinet; Sang Bin Park ’19, cello; Evelyn Mo ’20, piano

Serenade for two violins and piano, Op. 56 - Christian Sinding
I. Tempo di Marcia 
II. Andante
III. Allegretto
Lexi Smith ’18, flute; Jeffrey He ’20, violin; Emily Brother ’19, piano

Piano Trio in D major, Op. 70, No. 1 "Ghost" - Ludwig van Beethoven
III. Presto
Duana Chan GSAS, violin; Memie Osuga ’20, cello; Alan Yang ’18, piano

Trio for violin, cello and piano - Maurice Ravel
I. Modéré
Christine Hong ’19, violin; Daniel Giebisch ’19, cello; Daniel Kim ’19, piano

Piano Trio in B-flat major, Op. 97 "Archduke" - Ludwig van Beethoven
I. Allegro moderato
Monet Lee ’19, violin; Mackenzie Lee ’17, cello; Matthew Wu ’17, piano

Woodwind Quintet, Op. 43 - Carl Nielsen
I. Allegro ben moderato (E major) 
II. Menuet (A major)
Kristen Fang ’19, flute; Amy Zhao ’18, oboe; Hyukjoo Hwang ’19, clarinet; Steven Ekert ’20, bassoon; Alec Jones ’19, french horn

4:30-4:50 PM
A Chopin Showcase

An all Chopin solo piano performance: Nocturnes op. 9 nos. 1 and 2, Sonata no. 3
Performers: Harrison Li '18

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Holden Chapel

1:00-1:20 PM
Celebration of Black Musicals and Operas

Performance will include selections from Porgy and Bess, Carmen Jones, Ain't Misbehavin', Cabin in the Sky and Shuffle Along.
Performers: Asia Stewart '18

1:30-1:50 PM
Camila Ortiz '19 

Camila Ortiz '19 presents a set of her original indie-pop songs, featuring Alex Graff '17, Ian Askew '19, and Gabe Fox-Peck '19.
Performers: Camila Ortiz '19, Ian Askew '19, Alex Graff '17, Gabe Fox-Peck '19

2-4:30 PM
Creative Collaborations: Showcase of Jazz and Experimental Music

Current and past students of Music 174r: Creative Music Workshop present their collaborative musical projects. Exploring a range
of contemporary musical perspectives, these compositions were developed through an intensive, research-oriented workshop for advanced improviser-composers.
Full list of ensembles: 

2-2:20 PM
Laila Smith '18/NEC '19, vocals; Martine Thomas '18/NEC '19, viola; Reylon Yount '17, yangqin; Ben Wetherfield '18, piano; Ian Askew '19, drums.

2:30-2:50 PM
Aditya Raguram '18, piano; Jonah Philion '18/NEC '19, alto sax; Neta Ranaan NEC '17, tenor sax; Carlos Snaider '17, guitar; Mario Fabrizio NEC '18, drums; James Heazlewood NEC '17, bass.

3-3:20 PM
Music 174r: Creative Music Workshop Collective, led by visiting professor George Lewis (Columbia University).

3:30-4 PM
Carlos Snaider '17, guitar; Rajna Swaminathan GSAS '21, mrudangam; Martin Thomas '18/NEC '19, viola; Max Ridley '17 Berklee Global Jazz Institute, bass; Professor Yosvany Terry, sax.

4-4:20 PM
Jonah Philion '18/NEC '19, Ryan Park-Chan '18, Aditya Raguram '18, Jacob Lurye '18; four acoustic computers.

4:30-4:50 PM
Avanti Nagral '20 

Avanti Nagral '20 is a performing artist and singer/songwriter from Boston and Bombay. She combines her multi-genre experience – Indian classical, Broadway, church and devotional – into a modern English Pop-Soul sound. Avanti has sung in Broadway musical reproductions and events, performed at venues across India, been nominated Best Actress (National Theatre Awards), recorded a pop-devotional fusion album and was interviewed on leading radio stations in India. Her debut single is releasing in early 2017.
Performers: Avanti Nagral '20

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Memorial Church

1:00-1:50 PM
Choral Fellows Recital

A short recital of sacred and secular choral works from across the ages.
Group: The Choral Fellows
Performers: Elba Alonso Monsalve' 19, Emily Bishai '17, George Baxter '17, Clare Duncan L1, William Gardner '17, Cara Jacobson '18, Theodora Mautz '19, Frederick Metzger '18, Sydney Mukasa '18, Alice Newkirk '17, Maxime Richard G3, Sean Rodan '17, Andy Troska '17, Micah Walter G2, Eliza Wiant '18, Emma Woo '17

2:00-2:20 PM
HEMS & HBCO - Scenes from Hasse's Alice al Bivio

The Harvard Early Music Society presents scenes from Adolphe Hasse's opera, Alcide al Bivio, in collaboration with the Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra.
Group: Harvard Early Music Society and Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra

2:30-2:50 PM
Brahms Violin Sonata No. 3 in D minor

Brahms Violin Sonata No. 3 in D minor.
Performers: Lily Tsai '17 (violin), Hanson Tam '19 (piano)

3:00-3:20 PM
An OverDuo

Works for cello and piano by Kangsan Lee '17 and Robert Schumann.
Performers: John Lee 17, Kangsan Lee '17

3:30-3:50 PM
Harvard College Musical Theater

Songs from Gypsy.
Performers: Sumner Perera ‘19

4:00-4:50 PM
The Brattle Street Chamber Players

Selections from spring 2017 repertoire.
Group: The Brattle Street Chamber Players
Performers: Emma Frucht ‘17, Audrey Chen ‘18, Martine Thomas ‘18, Cecilia Yao ‘18, James Hotchkiss ‘18

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Paine Hall

1:00-1:20 PM
Harvard College Piano Society

Selections from spring 2017 repertoire.
Group: Harvard College Piano Society

1:30-2:20 PM
Harvard Composers' Association Spring Concert

A concert of compositions written by Harvard undergraduates, including Vaibhav Mohanty '19, Jeongmin Lee '19, Sam Wu '17, and Ari Korotkin '17, performed by Harvard undergraduate instrumentalists.
Group: Harvard Composers' Association

2:30-2:50 PM
Carl Maria von Weber Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano 

Chamber music performance.
Performers: Lexi Smith '18, Teresa Rokos '19, Hyeon-Jae Seo '20

3:00-3:20 PM
A Gilbert & Sullivan Sampler 

A selection of pieces from the beloved Gilbert & Sullivan canon.
Group: Harvard Gilbert & Sullivan Players

3:30-3:50 PM
The Modern Flute

The Harvard University Flute Ensemble presents an eclectic program of both classical and contemporary works, including original compositions by Harvard undergraduates.
Group: Harvard University Flute Ensemble

4:00-4:20 PM
Harvard Chinese Music Ensemble

Traditional and contemporary Chinese music.
Group: Harvard Chinese Music Ensemble

4:30-4:50 PM
Schubert's Piano Trios

Selected movements from Schubert's two piano trios.
Performers: Lily Tsai '17 (violin), Sophie Applbaum '19 (cello), Aristo Sham '19 (piano)

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Phillips Brooks House

1:00-1:20 PM
Alana Davitt '19 

Solo voice and piano by singer/songwriter Alana Davitt '19, performing two original songs: "All You Need" & "Loving You".
Performers: Alana Davitt '19

1:30-1:50 PM
Our Voices

Harvard students share original stories of sexuality, gender, power, violence and love. Not appropriate for children.

2:00-2:20 PM
Can of Sauce

Selected pop songs and original music for piano, clarinet, and voice.
Performers: Reece Akana '17, Justin Szasz '17

2:30-2:50 PM
Stephanie Johnson '18 

Covers and original songs for piano and voice.
Performers: Stephanie Johnson '18

3:00-3:20 PM
The Harvard Noteables 

The Harvard Noteables is a non-audition show choir. The group will be performing a selection of songs from musical theater and cinema.
Group: The Harvard Noteables

3:30-3:50 PM
Cherie Hu '17 & Ryan Song '17

Self-arranged covers and original songs for piano, cello and vocals.
Performers: Cherie Hu '17, Ryan Song '17

4:00-4:20 PM
Gareth Anderson '19 

A variety of alternative/indie covers and original songs with guitar and piano.
Performers: Gareth Anderson '19

4:30-4:50 PM

A monologue on the perils of workplace lavatories, which explores some of my history of terrible work bathrooms and tries to help me make sense of my issues surrounding them, while hopefully providing comfort for those who share my pain. Culminates with a retelling of the worst work bathroom experience I've ever experienced (right here at Harvard!).
Performers: Erik P. Kraft ALM

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Plaza Tent

1:00-1:20 PM
Harvard Callbacks 

Modern and classic a cappella with a soulful R&B twist.
Group: Harvard Callbacks

1:30-1:50 PM
Harvard Din & Tonics 

Jazz a cappella.
Group: The Harvard Din & Tonics

2:00-2:20 PM
Harvard Lowkeys 

A cappella contemporary pop songs.
Group: The Harvard Lowkeys

2:30-2:50 PM
The Radcliffe Pitches

The Radcliffe Pitches are Harvard's oldest all-female a cappella group, founded in 1975 at the Historic Hasty Pudding Club. The Pitches perform a large and varied repertoire of jazz standards, swing and boogie woogie, and contemporary pieces.
Group: The Radcliffe Pitches

3-5 PM

A celebration of over 20 dance traditions from around the world.
More information.

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Cambridge Queen's Head Pub

1:00-1:20 PM
James An HGSE '17

Korean and American hip hop, performed in both Korean and English.
Performers: James An HGSE '17

1:30-1:50 PM
Luke Martinez '19

Original pop songs.
Performers: Luke Martinez '19

2:00-2:20 PM
Burne Holiday

Original alternative rock music.
Performers: Javier Masis GSAS '18, Nathan Tyrell MIT PhD '19, Joe Edelmann Princeton '13, Cory Furlong Princeton '13

2:30-2:50 PM
The CardBored Foxes

Original rock music and covers.
Performers: Brendan Kent '18, Chris Morris '18, Bryan Brzycki '18

3:00-3:20 PM
GSD Music Band

Popular music, Latin American Folk and Bossanova.
Performers: Juan Ugarte GSD '18, Marysol  Brito GSD '17, Enol Vallina GSD '17, Ethan Levine GSD '18

3:30-3:50 PM
New Dakotas

Indie pop-rock originals and cover songs.
Performers: Chris Haley '19, Alasdair MacKenzie '19

4:00-4:20 PM
Stand Up Comedy Showcase

Short performances by members of the Harvard College Stand Up Comic Society.
Group: Harvard College Stand Up Comic Society

4:30-4:50 PM
Three Letter Acronym Improv
Improvisational comedy.
Group: Three Letter Acronym

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Sanders Theatre

1:00-1:20 PM

Get ready to feel the repercussions with The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers (THUD), Harvard's "Stomp" inspired percussion ensemble. Feel free to get loud during the performance!
Group: The Harvard Undergraduate Drummers

1:30-1:50 PM
Du Bois Orchestra

Selections from spring 2017 repertoire.
Group: Du Bois Orchestra

2:00-2:20 PM
The Harvard Pops Orchestra

A range of orchestral works, from classical and film scores to pop and rock!
Group: The Harvard Pops Orchestra

2:30-2:50 PM
Harvard University Wind Ensemble

Selections of classic and modern pieces arranged for wind band.
Group: Harvard University Wind Ensemble

3:00-3:20 PM
River Charles Ensemble

Selections from spring 2017 repertoire.
Group: River Charles Ensemble

3:30-4:20 PM
Bach Society Orchestra

Movements from Brahms' Serenade No. 1.
Group: Bach Society Orchestra

4:30-4:50 PM
Harvard College Opera Concert

Selected opera arias with live orchestra.
Group: Harvard College Opera

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Yard Stage (Rain location: Emerson 105)

1:00-1:20 PM
Kate Diaz '19 

Original pop songs.
Performer: Kate Diaz '19

1:30-1:50 PM

Harvard's premier Asian-interest a cappella group performs a variety of popular songs from K-Pop, J-Pop, and C-Pop to English hits and beyond.

2:00-2:20 PM
The Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones

Contemporary a cappella covers from a variety of genres.
Group: The Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones

2:30-2:50 PM
Step It Up

Percussive dance by Passus and Inside Voices step teams.

3:00-3:20 PM
Harvard Opportunes

A cappella performance of popular music selections spanning several genres and decades.
Group: The Harvard Opportunes

3:30-3:50 PM

South Asian music mixed with western hits.
Group: Harvard Mirch

4:00-4:20 PM
Glee Club Lite

A cappella hit tunes and new arrangements.
Group: Glee Club Lite

4:30-4:50 PM
Harvard University Band

Selected Traditional Harvard Fight Songs.
Group: Harvard University Band

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