Celebrating 25 Years of ARTS FIRST (video)

ARTS FIRST, Harvard’s annual celebration of student and faculty creativity, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In his memoir Drama: An Actor’s Education, John Lithgow ’67, ArD ’05, whose idea it was to launch the festival, wrote, “It is an exhilarating celebration of springtime, of the completion of the school year, and of youthful creativity and talent. And it is arguably my proudest achievement.” After thousands of performances and exhibitions by more than 10,000 student and faculty artists, this year we celebrate an occasion that, as John says, "we cannot imagine Harvard without.” We invite you to experience the festival's excitement, energy, sense of community and collaboration, and the sheer joy of creativity by watching this six-minute video—and joining us for ARTS FIRST 2017, April 27-30!