Propose a Public Art Project

Harvard ARTS FIRST Festival, April 30-May 3, 2020

Harvard students are invited to propose temporary public art projects that will be chosen, funded and supported by the Office for the Arts during the 2020 ARTS FIRST Festival in two ways:

Option 1: Students may propose outdoor projects for Harvard Yard, including the Old Yard and Tercentenary Theatre sites. 
Option 2: Students may propose indoor temporary art projects for the following sites inside the Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center:
  • Arts Wing

  • South Arcade Room

  • Bank Vault Meeting Room in Collaborative Commons

  • First-floor landing of stairway from Arcade to Roof Garden

  • Second-floor walkways, landings, and open air space (e.g. suspended installations hanging from the ceiling) throughout the Arcade and Welcome Pavilion 


Use this application form to submit your Public Art proposal.
Final deadline: December 11, 2019.

Project concepts will be reviewed for:

  • Artistic/creative merit

  • Feasibility

  • Suitability for chosen site, including safety, vandalism, exterior/interior suitability and visibility

  • Grounds, facilities and accessibility compliance

  • AFVS or GSD affiliation (preferred)

For questions about the ARTS FIRST Public Art program, contact Christopher Abrams, Public Art Coordinator.

Projects at sites other than the two above (e.g., house courtyards) cannot be funded and supported by the OFA, but if approved by the facility/office overseeing those sites, can be included in publicity for ARTS FIRST 2020. 
If you have a confirmed site, you may complete an AF publicity form (see About the Festival) to list your project in the festival guide.
If you are an artist seeking exhibition space for ARTS FIRST 2020 and have questions or need assistance, please contact Marin Orlosky Randow, ARTS FIRST Coordinator (orlosky@fas).

[Top: BLOOM, 2014 (Wendy Engler, Nieman Foundation; Ling-Li Tseng, GSD; Aiko Nakano and Fernando Rodríguez, MIT)]