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Questions? Call Dana Knox, Production Coordinator, Farkas Hall at 617.495.8727 or email him at danaknox@fas

FARKAS HALL/AGASSIZ THEATRE Application guidelines

Operating Guidelines

The Office for the Arts (OFA) welcomes applications for the Farkas Hall and Agassiz Theatre from undergraduate student theatrical organizations, as well as independent student producers.

The OFA encourages many types of proposals, including those that are traditional in nature. In addition, we welcome applications for fresh, theatrically based projects that nurture student work of high quality; promote multidisciplinary and collaborative work; deepen learning in the undergraduate arts community through attention to creative processes as well as interaction with theater professionals and faculty in related fields; foster the creation of new works for the stage.


Farkas Hall and Agassiz Theatre are available for use by Harvard undergraduates. Faculty and graduate student projects that provide learning opportunities and/or undergraduate participation are also welcomed.


Available term-time weeks are listed on the Farkas Hall/Agassiz Venue Application. Applications will be reviewed by a committee that includes students, OFA staff and TDM Staff. Applicants will be interviewed by members of the review committee shortly after the application deadline. Among the committee's considerations in awarding use of the theaters will be the clarity of the vision expressed in the application, and the level of commitment and craft of the student production team to realize this vision.

Production Budgets

While many theatrical traditions at Harvard are well established and self-sustaining, the OFA recognizes that some productions, by independent producers, or recently established organizations, may have few resources at their disposal. OFA production subsidies up to $6500 for these productions may be available for theatrical productions depending on the scope of the production and the availability of other funding sources (including ticket revenue and student group treasuries). The production subsidy will not be more than is needed for a production to balance its budget.

Any net profit from ticket sales associated with OFA subsidized productions will go to replenish the OFA theater fund in order to support future student endeavors.


Applications may be considered for workshop productions of original student works that only require a minimal core staff (author, composer, director, music director, producer(s), stage manager, tech liaison)

Professional/Guest Artist Fees

The Office for the Arts encourages student interaction with professionals (directors, designers, combat coaches, etc.) at Farkas Hall and Agassiz Theatre and will consider requests to fund these engagements. Proposals for guest artist funding should be sent in advance, under separate cover, to Jack Megan, Director of the Office for the Arts at Harvard, 74 Mount Auburn Street (megan@fas). Highlights of the proposal should be included in the "Project Summary" section of the application form.

Include in this proposal information regarding the guest artist's credentials, history, and current work. Be sure to detail the guest artist's involvement in the proposed production, how his or her work will benefit students, the length of the residency required to fulfill the stated goals, and the anticipated fees.

Considering the Right Venue

Farkas Hall
Agassiz Theatre