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And the band plays on ARTS FIRST

Among the theatrical events, film screenings and dance performances, many student collaborations will perform during ARTS FIRST May 1-4. During Friday’s Party on the Plaza,  Alex McCue ’14, Luke Anderson ’14, and Chris Heller ’12 will perform for the Harvard community on the Science Center Plaza. I spoke with Alex and Chris about how they met, their influences, and what’s next for the budding musicians.

1) When did you guys first begin to collaborate?

Alex: Chris and I sang together since my freshman year (I’m a senior now) and have continued to make music after leaving a cappella. We started getting together to jam at the beginning of the semester, and then got the band together soon after that. We had worked on a song just voice and piano and so I asked Jackson (drums), Kevin (bass), and Ritse (sax) to come jam with us and that song became the first original song of our band

2) What kind of music do you work on together?

Alex: The genre, I’d guess, is rock/blues/soul. We’re also working on some rap songs and some covers of old soul and rock songs.

3) What are your influences?

Alex: Dr. Dog, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Westbound Train, Frank Sinatra

Chris: John Legend, Sara Bareilles, Allen Stone, Stevie Wonder

4) How do you see yourself fitting into (or changing!) the Harvard music scene?

Alex: We’re part of a new upswing of bands, and I hope that this new trend of people making live music continues after we leave.

Chris: This is the first year I’ve been working with a lot of different musicians on campus making our own music, and I’d really like to continue that trend. Though I’ve graduated, living here still offers a chance to connect with so many talented students on campus, and I look forward to working with more of them in the coming year.

5) What will you be doing for ARTS FIRST weekend?

Alex: We’re performing at Party on the Plaza from 5-5:30! Also we are doing another gig on the plaza on the May 13.

Chris: In addition to those performances, I’ll be playing an acoustic set in Lowell Lecture Hall on Saturday May 3 at  1 p.m.

6) Do you have any ARTS FIRST picks, such as performances you’ll be attending that you recommend to other Harvard students?

Alex: Party on the Plaza and a cappella shows!

Chris: Agreed! And the Intrinsics.

7) What’s up next for your collaborations?

Alex: More gigs, potentially recording, and then continuing to make music all the way through graduation.

Chris: I’m releasing a 4-song EP in the next few weeks with a band that consisted of four Harvard students! Excited to share that. Other than that I’m going to continue to play around Boston with them, write more songs, and hopefully record another EP over the summer!

ARTS FIRST Weekend will run May 1-4. Check out the Office for the Arts website for a complete listing of events. 


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