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Exec Eddie Dalva riffs on MTV and Viacom

Eddie Dalva

In Boyston Hall’s Ticknor Lounge on September 27, a semi-circle of students sat laughing as Eddie Dalva, executive vice president of content and program enterprises at Viacom Media Networks, animatedly told stories from the founding years of MTV. Dalva came to Harvard to speak with undergraduates about having a career in entertainment and his own career at Viacom and MTV.

Despite his high-ranking job within the media conglomerate that owns MTV, VH1, Spike, TV Land, and other networks, Dalva’s demeanor was approachable and friendly.

“There are many Harvard students who are interested in working in entertainment after graduation, so the chance to speak with someone who really has made a name for himself in the industry was fantastic for everyone who had the opportunity to meet with him,” said Katherine Price, executive vice president of events and strategy for HUTV and organizer of the Dalva event.

After the talk, 20 students joined Dalva at Russell House Tavern for a more relaxed, intimate dinner. “I think the 20 students who had the opportunity to attend really learned from Eddie and enjoyed hearing him talk in a more personal and laid-back environment,” said Price.

At dinner, Dalva moved easily between the tables of students, offering advice, stories and even his personal business card. He asked me when I’d next be in New York and said I should come by the MTV office for a tour. All of this seemed very genuine. Dalva’s personal story is one of hard work and determination. He truly seems to want to pay his luck forward and plans to return to Harvard in the spring semester for more work with undergraduates.

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