Ceramics photo
Liv Redpath '14, 2014 Louis Sudler Prize winner, in a 2013 master class with soprano Renée Fleming. PHOTO: Jacob Belcher

Student Art Prizes

2013-14 Art Prizes press release

Council Prize in Visual Art

Recognizes outstanding work by a Harvard undergraduate in the field of visual arts, which includes but is not limited to painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, film, and video.

Louise Donovan Award (Behind the Scenes/"unsung hero")

Recognizes a Harvard student who worked behind the scenes in the arts, for example, as director, producer, or accompanist, contributing most to the success of a production and the opportunity for others to shine. The award is given in honor of Louise Donovan who, through her distinguished career at Radcliffe College, was a role model of unselfish, effective support for the College.

Suzanne Farrell Dance Prize

Named for the acclaimed dancer and former ballerina of the New York City Ballet, the prize recognizes a Harvard undergraduate who has demonstrated outstanding artistry in the field of dance.

Radcliffe Doris Cohen Levi Prize (Musical Theater)

Recognizes the Harvard undergraduate who combines talent and energy with outstanding enthusiasm for musical theater at Harvard. The prize honors the memory of Doris Cohen Levi '35 and is conferred upon a student who has made a consistent contribution of high quality to the production or performance of musical comedy, opera, dance, and all other forms of theater which combine music and theatrical performance at Harvard.

The Robert E. Levi Prize

Recognizes a Harvard College senior who has demonstrated outstanding arts management skills over the course of an undergraduate career. The recipient’s dedication, organizational talent and creative problem-solving, as well as ability to nurture artistry, have been critical factors in the success of one or more arts organizations and/or projects. The award honors the memory of Robert E. Levi, Harvard College class of 1933 and Harvard Business School, MBA, 1935.

Jonathan Levy Award (Acting)

Recognizes a Harvard undergraduate as the most promising actor or actress at the University.

Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts

Recognizes the senior with the most outstanding artistic talent and achievement in the composition or performance of film, music, drama, dance or visual arts. The prize is intended to honor the sum of the student's activities rather than a single project.

The Alan Symonds Award (Presented by the Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert & Sullivan Players in cooperation with the Office for the Arts at Harvard)

Recognizes a Harvard student active in the technical or production aspects of theater, particularly one who has devoted him or herself to work in a variety of spaces such as the Agassiz Theatre, drama space in houses, and nontraditional theater spaces across the campus. The award is further intended for an individual who acted as a teacher and mentor to students new to technical theater, helping others to grow and learn. The award is given in honor of Alan Symonds, Harvard alumnus and former Technical Director for Harvard College Theatre, a designer, technician, and mentor who worked tirelessly to improve Harvard theater in practice and performance. This award is student nominated. Final selection of the is made by a committee of theater administrators and OFA staff members.

Student Art Prize History

LOUIS SUDLER PRIZE (outstanding artistic talent and achievement):
1983: Daniel Dodd Wilson, Dunster House, VES
1984: William Rauch, Adams House, theatre (director)
1985: Marc A. H. Lowenstein, Cabot House, music
1986: Christopher Liam Moore, Lowell House, theatre (actor)
1987: Marya Cohn, Adams House, theatre (director/actor)
1988: Morley Robertson, Mather House, music
1989: Alan Gilbert, Adams House, music
1990: Lucy Soutter, Adams House, VES
1991: David Eggar, Mather House, theatre, music
1992: Amy Cabranes, North House, theatre (director)
1993: Richard Nash, Adams House, theatre (director, writer)
1994: Ariane Anthony, North House, dance (dancer, choreographer)
1995: Brad Rouse, Dunster House, theatre (director)
1996: Matt Haimovitz, Kirkland House, music (cellist)
1997: Matt Saunders, Adams House, VES, theatre (actor, director, visual artist)
1998: Sybil-Catherine Watkins, Winthrop House, dance
1999: Mai'a K. Davis, Currier House, dance
2000: Joseph Lin, Mather House, music (violin)
2001: Brett Egan, Lowell House, acting & Elizabeth Waterhouse, Eliot House, dance
2002: Christopher Hossfeld, Leverett House, music & Cary McClelland, affiliate of Pforzheimer House, theater & Jeff Sheng, Eliot House, visual arts (photography)
2003: Hazel Davis, Cabot House, music & Roberto "Pacho" Velez, affiliat of Adams House, visual arts (filmmaking)
2004: Anthony Cheung, Winthrop House, composition
2005: Michael M. Donahue, Adams House, theatre & David Mahfouda, Dudley House, visual arts (performance art)
2006: Melissa Goldman, Mather House, theater (set designer), & Han Yu, affiliate of Dudley House, visual arts (installation art)
2007: Stefan Jackiw, Leverett House, music (violin)
2008: Bong Ihn Koh, Cabot House, music (cello), & Elizabeth Lim, Cabot House, music (composer)
2009: Calla Videt, Dudley House, theater (director)
2010: Jack Cutmore-Scott, Dunster House, theater (actor)
2011: Charlie Albright, Leverett House (piano)
2012: Matthew Aucoin, Kirkland House (composer, conductor, music director, poet)
2013: Keir GoGwilt, Adams House (violin)
2014: Liv Redpath, Pforzheimer House (singer)

LEVY AWARD (acting)
1985: Christopher L. Moore, Lowell House
1986: Benjamin Evett, Currier House
1987: Jonathan Tolins, Dunster House
1988: Chad Raphael, Adams House
1989: Daniel Zelman, North House
1990: Anthony Hatch & Pier Carlo Talenti, both of Dunster House
1991: Donivan Barton, North House & China Forbes, Adams House
1992: Eisa Davis, Adams House
1993: Faith Salie, Dunster House
1994: Jessica Walling, Eliot House
1995: Winsome Brown, Adams House
1996: Colin Stokes, Adams House & Jessica Fortunato, non-res.
1997: Dan Goor, Eliot House
1998: Paul Siemens, Dunster House
1999: Lucia Brawley, Eliot House
2000: Marisa Echeverria, Adams House
2001: James Carmichael, Adams House
2002: Emily Knapp, Leverett House
2004: Geordie Broadwater, Eliot House
2005: Robert (Bobby) Hodgson, Adams House
2006: Liam Martin, Kirkland House
2007: Joshua Brenner, Currier House & Michael Hoagland, Eliot House
2008: Sophie Kargman, Adams House
2009: Jonah Priour, Dunster House & Sarah Sherman, Kirkland House
2010: Carolyn Holding, Leverett House, & Talisa Friedman, Dunster House
2012: Ryan Halprin, Lowell House
2013: Emily Hyman, Pforzheimer House
2014: Bryan Kauder, Kirkland House

1990: Jacqueline Sloan, Adams House (producer)
1991: Jennifer Giering, Dunster House (composer and performer)
1992: Teresa Marrin, Lowell House (conductor)
1993: Sarah Hicks, Winthrop House (music director)
1994: Catherine Zipf, Winthrop House (theatre tech)
1995: Susanna Witt, Winthrop House (theatre tech and producer)
1996: Jill Weitzner, Adams House (performer, board member, theatre tech)
1997: Kate deLima, Cabot House (actor, producer, theatre tech)
1998: Catherine Ingman, Leverett House (actor and director)
1999: Jessica Jackson, Mather House (actor, director, costume design)
2000: Sara Yellen, Leverett House (actor, director)
2001: James Augustine, Winthrop House (actor, director, dancer, choreographer)
2002: Sara Heller, Eliot House (choreographer, director, theatre tech) & Sarah Meyers, Adams House (actor, choreographer, director, board member)
2003: Shelby Braxton-Brooks, Mather House (actor, dancer, choreographer, director)
2004: Christina Shelby, Eliot House (dancer)
2005: Johanna (Jojo) Karlin, Adams House (actor, producer, board member, business manager, theater tech)
2006: Michael Mitnick, Currier House (composer)
2007: Mark Musico, Quincy House (conductor, music director)
2008: Arlo Hill, Winthrop House (actor)
2009: Rachel Flynn, Quincy House (actress)
2010: Christine Bendorf, Quincy House (actor, board member, producer, director) & Jordan Reddout, Quincy House (actor & director)
2011: Bridget Haile, Pforzheimer House (actress, behind-the-scenes)
2012: Stewart Kramer, Mather House (actor/director in opera, musical theater)
2013: Benjamin Moss, Lowell House (actor/composer)
2014: Madeleine Smith, Lowell House (music director, composer)

LOUISE DONOVAN AWARD ("behind-the-scenes" work)
1997: Hilary Snow, Adams House (theatre tech)
1998: Helen Shaw, Lowell House (set design, HRDC President)
1999: Colleen McGuiness and Sam Speedie, both of Cabot House
2000: John Baxindine, Eliot House (music director, accompanist) and David Levy, Adams House (producer, director, writer)
2001: R David Salvage, Quincy House, (music)
2002: Kate Agresta, Cabot House, (theater) & Marvin Pittman, Pforzheimer House (producer, Black Arts Festival, opera, Pforzheimer House Music Society)
2003: Dan Cozzens (theater administrator/producer) & Elizabeth Little (set designer, producer, board member), Winthrop House
2004: Grace Catenacio, Adams House (visual arts producer, curator), Ben Margo, Currier House (theater administrator/producer) & Peyton Sherwood, Adams House, (theater tech/administrator)
2005: Karina Mangu-Ward (theater tech/administrator, producer)
2006: Zoe Savitsky, Kirkland House (theater producer/assistant director/publicity coordinator/designer)
2007: Blase Ur (theater tech/administrator)
2008: David Jewett (theater tech/producer) & Kara Kaufman, Quincy House (theater administrator/producer, stage manager)
2009: Ben Clark, Adams House (technical director) & David Tischfield), Leverett House (producer, instructor, project manager - ceramics
2010: Michael Zellmann-Rohrer, Mather House (lighting design, theater tech)
2011: Liz Krane, Kirkland House (theater producer, stage manager, set designer, technical director, props manager, choreographer, house manager, box office manager, assistant designer, and advisor)
2012: Danielle Drees, Leverett House (producer, stage manager, dramaturg, administrator) and Elizabeth Mak, Cabot House (lighting designer, dance/theater, technician)
2013: Xi (CiCi) Yu, Pforzheimer House (choreographer, stage manager, producer, technical designer)
2014: Madeleine Bersin, Adams House (producer, stage manager, director, designer)

2005: Rebecca Alaly, Mather House (dancer, choreographer)
2006: Marie (Molly) Altenburg, Eliot House
2007: Larissa Koch, Eliot House (dancer, choreographer)
2008: Claudia Schreier, Adams House, (dancer, choreographer)
2009: Lauren Chin, Eliot House (dancer)
2010: James Fuller, Mather House (dancer)
2011: Kevin Shee, Winthrop House (dancer), and Elizabeth Walker, Eliot House (dancer)
2012: Merrit Moore, Eliot House
2013: Irineo Cabreros, Pforzheimer House (dancer/choreographer), and Shayna Skal, Quincy House (dancer)
2014: Melanie Comeau, Quincy House (dancer)

2007: Nicole Salazar, Dudley House (painting, animaiton, non-fiction filmmaking)
2008: Alexandra Hays, Quincy House, (installation and video art) & James Powers, Adams House (painting, illustrations)
2009: Grace Laubacher, Quincy House (stage design)
2010: Lillian (Lily) Fang, Quincy House (animation)
2011: Julia Rooney, Mather House, and Katherine Tygielski , Dudley House
2012: Sara Stern, Lowell House (mixed media)
2013: Madelynne Hays, Cabot House (set design); and Oliver Luo, Cabot House (animation)
2014: Brooke Griffin, Dudley House (animation/film)

2009: Grace Laubacher, Quincy House (stage design)
2010: Michael Zellmann-Rohrer, Mather House, (lighting design, theater tech)
2011: Garrett McEntee (technical director)
2012: Brenda Lin, Lowell House (technical designer/director)
2013: Matthew Warner, Quincy House (set/lighting design, theater tech)
2014: Ethan Addicott, Quincy House

ROBERT E. LEVI PRIZE (Arts Administration)
2012: Anh Le, Mather House (tour manager, stage manager, producer)
2013: Eleanor Regan, Adams House (producer, stage manager)
2014: Simon de Carvalho, Mather House (theater producer); and David Manella, Mather House (theater producer)

Bex Kwan, Dudley House

OFFICE FOR THE ARTS PRIZE (on behalf of the Council on the Arts at Harvard)
1988: John Lesher, Dunster House & Diane Paulus, Cabot House

CERTIFICATE OF COMMENDATION (on behalf of the Harvard Council on the Arts)
1990: Mireya Nadal-Vicens, Mather House