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Spring 2017 Credit Course Offerings in Dance

The Harvard Dance Project, Spring 2016
Photo: The Harvard Dance Project in WHAT MOVES YOU?, Spring 2016. Credit: Liza Voll. 

Deconstructing a Novel Into a Dance (TDM 147)
Instructor: Mario Zambrano, Lecturer on Theater, Dance & Media
Meeting Time: F, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM, Location: Harvard Dance Center, Studio 1, 66 Garden St. 
This is a project-based course that will study the structure and thematic elements of a novel as a means to compose a choreographic work. Divided into three units, the course will begin with a close reading of three novels—Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin, The Waves by Virginia Woolf, andThe Buddha in the Attic by Julie Otsuka. Unit II (in studio) will be dedicated to improvisational tasks derived and inspired from the novels. By sourcing structure and language—metaphor, style, and rhythm—the movement exercises will embody the literature we study. Unit III will focus on composition, arranging what we've learned in prior units, and will culminate in a choreographic architecture both literary and physical.

Shop this course on Friday, January 27, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM @ Harvard Dance Center
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GAGA: Movement Methodology created by Ohad Naharin (TDM 143)
Instructor: Mario Zambrano, Lecturer on Theater, Dance & Media
Meeting Time: M/W 9:00-10:30 AM, Location: Harvard Dance Center, Studio 1, 66 Garden St. 
Gaga—the movement methodology created by Ohad Naharin, artistic director and choreographer of Batsheva Dance Company in Israel—is a continuous, sensation-based movement class. Students are encouraged to interpret and experience the somatic practice of listening to the body while activating a total sensorial attention. Gaga offers a creative framework for students to engage with physicality and imagination, bridging the activity between body and mind while increasing physical potential. There are no mirrors in Gaga, and there are no observers. The class moves in continuum without breaks for a minimum of an hour. 
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Movement Lab (TDM 141) 
Instructor: Jill Johnson, Director of Dance & Senior Lecturer
Meeting Time: W, 2:00-5:00 PM, Location: Harvard Dance Center, Studio 1, 66 Garden St.  
This course explores the practice of choreography in a dynamic research environment. Students will learn interdisciplinary tools for devising, modifying, and editing motion for the stage, screen or site-specific work. Compositional discernment and keen visual evaluation skills will be developed through: extensive studio practice creating and interpreting movement phrases and gestures; discussion and feedback of individual movement composition assignments; viewing and analyzing the structure, dramaturgy, music, set and lighting design in seminal dance and theater pieces from around the world (e.g. Fabre, Naharin, Jones, Graham, Bausch, Goebbels, Petipa, Pite, Kahn); and examining how new media can be utilized for appraising, capturing and documenting motion in the 21st century. Classes will be held in the seminar room and studio. Class size: 20. No prior dance experience required. Enrollment determined by short interview during the first week of class (shopping week).

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The Harvard Dance Project (Music 12B)
Instructor & Artistic Director: Jill Johnson, Director of Dance & Senior Lecturer
Meeting Time: Tue/Thu 3:00-6:00 PM, Location: Harvard Dance Center, Studio 1, 66 Garden St. 
The Harvard Dance Project cultivates invention and fosters the courage of artistry. This faculty-led, performance company gives students the opportunity to be original cast members and collaborators in two or more diverse dance works created by preeminent professional choreographers. The project focuses on performance research, collaboration, choreographic composition, and links choreographic thinking to other fields. It is a studio-based course which includes at least 12 performances at major venues on campus. Enrollment determined by audition during the first week of class. Dance experience required.  Two terms must be completed in order to receive credit. Course is repeatable.
Performances:  April 6-9, 2017 @ Farkas Theater

Harvard Dance Project Collaborators (est. 2013 - 2016):  Jonathan Alsberry, Aszure Barton, Sidra Bell, Brian Brooks, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Michelle Dorrance, William Forsythe, Jill Johnson, Francesca Harper, Crystal Pite, Silas Reiner, Dwight Rhoden, Melinda Sullivan, Clifford Williams, Mario Zambrano.
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