Holiday Show and Sale 2014

December 11, Thursday 4-8 PM
December 12 - 14, Friday-Sunday, 10 AM-7 PM

Images from our artists featured in the Spring 2014 Show and Sale. Double Click on an image to view in Flickr and see artist names.

The Ceramics Program of the Office for the Arts at Harvard will present its annual Holiday Show and Sale December 11-14 at 224 Western Avenue, Allston, MA.

The Ceramics Program provides a creative learning environment for Harvard students, staff, and faculty as well as designers, artists, and scholars from the greater Boston and international communities. This December, more than sixty artists will present an extraordinary selection of ceramic work. From functional dinnerware to sculptural masterpieces, this popular exhibition has something for everyone and attracts several thousand visitors each year.

Free cups made by the exhibitors will be available on a first-come, first-served basis during the opening, Thursday, December 11, 4-8 PM. The Holiday Show and Sale continues Friday through Sunday, December 12-14, 10 AM-7 PM.

The Studio is wheelchair accessible.

Directions to our New Location at 224 Western Ave, Allston


Alice Abrams
Christopher Adams
Margaret Angelo
Sarah de Besche
Rosanna Bonnet
Darrah Bowden
Callie Bryan
Robert Chamberlin
Stephanie Cohen
Judith Cooper
Debra Cuoco
Angela DeVecchi
Darcie Flanigan
Wayne Fuerst
Laine Gifford
Justin Goedde
Pamela Gorgone
Tina Gram
Christine Gratto
Maurisse Gray
Gabrielle Gura-Gold
Louise Gutheil
Marcia Halperin
Vicki Heller

Marek Jacisin
Janice Jakielski
Bitson Jean
Adria Katz
James Keller
Kathleen Kennelly
Mary Kenny
Kathy King
Myrna Le Caill
Laurie Leuchtenburg
Gretchen Mamis
Joanna Mark
Cynthia Mason
Kayla Mathieu
Rosemary McConkey
Dennis McLaughlin
Zachary Mickelson
Judy Monosson
Catherine Moynihan
Maeve Mueller
Allison Newsome
Stephanie Osser
Maxine Peck
Owen Peterson

Tiffany Playford
Crystal Ribich
Monica Ripley
Carol Rissman
Judy Rosentein
Lucy Scanlon
Gunnel Schmidt
Margaret Steinberg
Carol Tannenbaum
Kathi Tighe
Kyla Toomey
Garima Tripathi
Mary Verhage
Emma Vessey
Gloria Vigliani
Shelley Weinstein
Delanie Wise
Naama Yacoby
Pao-Fei Yang Kuo
Stephanie A. Young
Katherine Younger