2016 Sep 14

actor/comedian/writer ALEC MAPA



114 Mt. Auburn St. 4th floor

Presented by: Learning From Performers
ADMISSION: Free, registration required. Register here>
This is the kick-off event of “Sexuality Intersections: LGBTQ Film Series,” sponsored by the Office of the Assistant to the President for Institutional Diversity and Equity; FAS Diversity Relations and Communications; Learning From Performers (Office for the Arts at Harvard); and the Office of BGLTQ Student Life.
Blog postAlec Mapa: One Funny Father

Comedian and TV personality Alec Mapa (Suzuki St. Pierre on Ugly Betty and Vern on Desperate Housewives) will participate in a discussion following a screening of his film Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy, a one-man show about how his life has changed since he—of Filipino descent—and his white husband adopted a black child through foster care. 

Made in China

What inspired Max McGillivray to make a Western in Jackson Hole, China?  The ADF recipient explains walls, Westerns and the expansive American frontier. 

By Max McGillivray '16
Artist Development Fellow '16

Oliver Luo ’13

Oliver Luo

Artist Development Fellow 2013 in Animation;
Council Prize in Visual Art Co-Recipient, 2013

Oliver Luo ’13, a resident of Cabot House concentrating in Visual and Environmental Studies, Animation Studio Track with a secondary in Physics, was awarded …

Renee Zhan ’16

Renee Zhan

Artist Development Fellow 2014 in Animation;
Council Prize in Visual Art Co-Recipient, 2016

Renee Zhan ’16, a resident of Leverett House concentrating in Visual and Environmental Studies, Film/Animation Track, was awarded a Fellowship to study at …

Sam Richman ’15

Sam Richman

Artist Development Fellow 2014 in Film

Sam Richman ’15, a resident of Lowell House concentrating in History and Literature with a secondary concentration in Visual and Environmental Studies, was …

Rebecca Panovka ’16

Rebecca Panovka

Artist Development Fellow 2015 in Film

Rebecca Panovka ’16, a resident of Quincy House concentrating in English, was awarded a Fellowship to travel to South Africa and Botswana to intern for Emmy …

Madeline Lear ’17

Madeline Lear

Artist Development Fellow 2016 in Film

Madeline Lear ’17, a resident of Quincy House concentrating in History, was awarded a Fellowship to work as a visual journalist for The Sacramento …

2016 May 22

The Invisibles: Louis Bachelier and the Foundations of Mathematical Finance @ The HESAA Innovation Symposium

2:30pm to 3:30pm


Harvard Hall 104

Presented by: Harvard Alumni Association & Harvardwood
Get a copy of the screenplay on Amazon
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During this live streamed event,  We will engage the audience with the some of the technological innovations the production of this screenplay entails, with discussions of Augmented Reality(AR) will  feature prominently. If you are around Campus on Sunday, 5/22, please check it out! 

2016 May 18

ALM Thesis forum presentation of "The Invisibles"



Maxwell Dworkin G115 - 33 Oxford St.

Presented by: Harvard Museum of Natural History
Admission: The admission is free, but to fully enjoy the event, it will be worthwhile to buy & read the screenplay beforehand, which is available on Amazon.

Abstract: The Invisibles (Formerly: I, Bachelier Invisible Man)

This is the double epic and tragic life story of the unrecognized genius (Louis Bachelier), who, at the turn of the 20th century, laid down the foundations of mathematical finance upon which Wall Street is built, mirrored through the life of a contemporary, as of yet to be recognized "Black Einstein" (K.) of African origin - A Bachelier look-alike, except that he is Black - who, ignored and discarded, at the turn of the 21st century, has led down the mathematical foundations of Risk Management that would have prevented the 2008 crisis, and his travails in France, on Wall Street where most of the action takes place, in China with Flashbacks to Africa.