• 2017 Apr 21

    Visiting Artist Workshop with John Oles

    10:00am to 5:00pm


    Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard

    John OlesPresented by: Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard

    Workshop Description:

    This workshop is designed for those who seek to expand their vocabulary of ceramic forms and techniques, break out of a rut, or inject some new energy into an uninspired studio practice. We will explore techniques used to create wheel thrown and altered pieces based on traditional pottery forms, combined with hand built elements to construct unique functional and sculptural vessels in porcelain. Techniques as stretching, altering and darting, and the use of found objects to apply texture. Throughout the workshop, participants are encouraged to engage in an open dialogue and presentation of sources of inspiration, as well as the significance of the hand made object in the context of contemporary material culture.