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Symmetry Breaking

Presented by ARTS FIRST

Location: Farkas Hall, 10-12 Holyoke Street, Cambridge
How to get tickets: Please see details below for reservations

Written by Mariel Pettee
Directed by Mariel Pettee '14
Produced by Sara Rosenburg '16

Saturday, May 3, 2pm
Sunday, May 4, 10pm

Symmetry Breaking is an original performance installation within the building of Farkas Hall. Its performances will mark the culmination of a creative thesis for a joint Physics and Math concentration. It explores the concept of the Higgs boson, the celebrated newly-discovered particle, using a variety of perspectives characterized by a fusion of performing, visual and digital arts. Audience members will have the freedom to explore the space as they choose, stitching together a unique narrative from scenes they encounter. Touching upon the nature of scientific inquiry, the creative process and its destructive capacity, our fascination with origins, poetry, the limitations of communication and more through the lenses of dance, illustration, music, technology, and performance, the installation aims to create a comfortable space in which we can engage with physics and art together in new ways.