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Jardín de Pulpos

Presented by Harvard College Teatro

Location: Adams House Pool Theatre, 26 Plympton Street, Cambridge
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Join us in TEATRO's first production by a Latin American playwright! Inspired by the unjust murders of the many students whose corpses were thrown into the sea during the 1970's dictatorship in Argentina, Vargas proposes another way of constructing historical memory: dreaming. The play takes place on the beach in which, many years ago, the corpses were tossed, and which has now been deserted because people no longer dare to dream in it. Here, a young man who has lost his memory converses with a quirky madwoman who promises to help him regain his memory. When he asks her how, she answers: by remembering into the future, by dreaming! One by one, the phantoms of his memory arise from the beach: his mother, stuck in the past; his cajoling aunt; and a remote ancestor who brings memories of an indigenous past.
The Latin American imaginary thus comes to be reconstructed and appropriated by us through our most intimate dreams and desires. Desire becomes identity, and our dreams become our memories in this world in which the most magical things are the most real.

by Arístides Vargas
Directed by Gabriela Bortolamedi
Produced by Francisco Alvarez

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